Top Tips for Saving Money when Travelling with the Family

Planning holidays can be fun and I think a lot more people would book more if it weren’t for the small matter of the cost.  I think most people have a different attitude to spending money when they’re on holiday: ‘We’re on holiday so we’re not going to worry about what we’re spending’.  Which is great apart from the fact that when you get home, instead of feeling relaxed after a good break, you’re stressed out about how much money you’ve gone through.  Here are some ways to ensure that you don’t waste money unnecessarily in order to have a good time on holiday with the family.

Save money on Baggage Fees by Travelling light

It depends on where you’re going of course but try to avoid the temptation to over-pack and you’ll save money on baggage fees plus you won’t be lugging around luggage that feels like it’s filled with cement. If you do want to take more luggage ensure you book in extra baggage online rather than at the saving travel tips

Check before you travel for family discounts and free activities

A little pre-holiday research on discount websites could save you money on your intended activities.  You should also look at travel passes, and entry passes and work out if the initial layout is going to be worth it. Also remember that the best things in life are free; on holiday everything is strange and new and even simple pleasures, like walking around a market, can be some of the most memorable.  Countryside, beaches, architecture, parks especially churches, are all free to enjoy.  Do your research and find out if there are days at the museums and galleries when entry is saving travel tips

Exchange your money at the best rate you can get

If you are travelling abroad, keep an eye on the exchange rate in the months before your departure.  The more money you change the better rate you’ll get, so do it all in one go rather than dribs and drabs.  If you change money at airports or ferries, you’ll get a poor saving travel tips

Research which credit card to take with you

A credit card is useful back-up and if you intend to hire a car you’ll almost certainly need one, but do your research online to ensure that you’re paying the lowest charges for withdrawals abroad. On our recent trip to Milan we found we had run out of money for a Gondola ride and so just went to the nearest hole in the wall as we felt it was cheaper than coming back again – so never say never to taking out extra cash!

Think carefully about where and when to eat out when on holiday

Eating out is part of the holiday experience but if you do it all the time you are going to spend a lot of money.  In many countries, the best value meals are at lunchtime, in the evening the prices for similar food may well double.  Make picnics and enjoy the local produce, you’ll probably have a more memorable meal at a fraction of the price.  Don’t sit down for a round of drinks at a café situated in front of a tourist icon, like the Trevi Fountain or the Leaning Tower of Pisa, you’ll pay a huge amount of money which will sour the experience.  Always carry plenty of water so that you’re never in the position of having to rehydrate the family with coke costing the price of a good bottle of saving travel tips


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  1. I love these tips, especially the ones about saving money before you go. I’m definitely of the mindset that we don’t worry too much about money on holiday so it’s a great idea to save beforehand instead.


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