How we would spend Lottery Winnings!

With my 40th Birthday coming up this week it really is a time for reflection and thinking about the things I would like. Obviously some are more obtainable than others and some nothing a lottery win from Lottoland couldn’t sort out! This got me to thinking about what I would do if I did win; and on reflection I am quite grateful for what I already have.

Lottery win Vs My Reality

The Car

If we won the lottery I guess I would make sure that we all had new cars. I had a new BMW for my birthday and it makes such a difference having a more reliable mode of transport. The reality is I am really happy with my car so do not think I would trade it in for something more expensive, I would just pay it off. My husband’s car however desperately needs replacing; it shuddered yesterday and I do worry about his safety in it. I guess a lottery win would warrant buying our eldest a car too – and at least we’d be more easily able to afford the insurance (he’s 21 with 2 years no claims so at least it’s a lot less than when he was 17!)bmw drivers

The House

A house. Whilst I love our house and what we have done to improve it; it still needs loads of work doing. It was completely neglected but the only way we could afford to get onto the property ladder. It doesn’t have anywhere to put the children’s bikes and we have to go through the house to get to the garden. So somewhere new, how we would like it would be great. My husband actually is really considering us buying a new build to get to close as this as possible. I don’t want a mansion as it would need so much cleaning, and I really do not like the idea of extra people in my home. Again I would provide a home for our eldest and offer to buy my younger brother a house. I just hope this lottery win is more than a tenner!

homeless at sixteen
I am grateful that we have a home

The Holiday

This would definitely have to be an around the World Cruise. I think travel is so important and to be able to see as much of it as possible would be amazing. I would need to have private tutors to help teach us everything we need to know, including the language and best places to eat.Mark Warner San Lucianu Resort, Corsica – Yoga Retreat Day 4 Inner You/Me


As well as the obvious house and car I would like to think that I would donate to charity – somewhere like the Forestry commission who have provided so many fun and fantastic hours outside and happy! And for those who support others like the National Autistic Society and Cancer Research UK.Gruffalo Wyre Forest

How The Children would spend Lottery Winnings

I realise that my choices to spend the money are so cliché and so I thought it would be interesting to ask my youngest two boys to write about how they would spend their money.

Our youngest son wrote about how he won 4 million pounds and bought a mansion with a beautiful garden and a statue of himself – I think some of the splendid places we have visited like Witley Castle may have influenced this. He also opted for a supercar. Interestingly he still wanted to work – he wanted to be a food tester at McDonalds, making sure it was up to standard! He bought a Nintendo Switch (which is what he just had for his birthday), a trampoline (we have always had a giant one in our garden since before the youngest two were born), a TV, a chicken (called Ben), a 3D TV, a campfire, a safe to keep his money in (wise move) but then another cupboard with lots of money in! Finally he had dedicated cupboards of chocolate, fruit and vegetables.statue in the garden witley court

The 10-year-old decided to think about him winning the lottery at 21 (I had explained that you need to be over 18 years old due to gambling laws). He went straight in with a Mansion! He then opted for a TV and laptop. It was remarkable to see that he had considered expenses such as insurance and adopting a child (for which he also bought a pet, a Playstation & Nintendo Switch, a monstrous play area, swimming pool, a big hill with a ball to roll down in it, a trampoline and football pitch – the latter two also available to hire!) as well as how the mansion would be environmentally friendly. He had thought about his health by buying a treadmill (obviously isn’t aware that some homes have whole gyms in them!) and lots of fruit and vegetables (cooked by his own chef, who would be well taken care of). Interestingly he had chosen to have a son (we can’t say anything as both my husband and I had children by 21) and that he would not go to school but instead have a private tutor.

This exercise was really insightful into seeing how the children think about money, and I think really brought out the maturity and thoughtfulness of the older child, and the innocence of the younger one.

What would you spend the money on if you won the lottery? Do you think your ideas would be greatly different from your children’s?


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13 thoughts on “How we would spend Lottery Winnings!”

  1. Great post this. Sometimes it’s far too easy to forget the reality of winning the lottery!

  2. I love the lottery question. Much to my husband’s annoyance, I like to play the “if I win the lottery game” with him. It will probably involve buying a new house, would also love a new car and travel! Must always involve travel 😉 Or if there’s spare, maybe a second home abroad :):):) One can always dream, right?

  3. I would use the money to build us our own home – somewhere out in the countryside with a bit of an ‘off-the-grid’ vibe. I’d set up various businesses, buy my dad a seaside flat and travel!

  4. I would have a big holiday for all my family. I would pay off as many family and friends mortgages as I could. Without a mortgage each month, it would make such a difference to so many people’s lives x

  5. I would take my children to Florida first and foremost, new house, pay off my parents mortgage and throw a huge party!

  6. I would definately purchase a house . We have had so much problems with renting and awful landlords I would love security for the children x

  7. We’d love to go on a world cruise too if we won the lottery, seeing the world is something that my folks have always wanted to do x

  8. So much fun to think about how you would spend big wins! I would buy a new car and a house! That would make me very happy! Charity too for sure!


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