Zero Waste Week 2017

I first took part in Zero Waste Week when I had 2 children in nappies. With 6 of us at home and I think no recycling (before the days of collections) I was really proud of our half a carrier bag full of rubbish at the end of the week. Fast forward to now and we have compost bins in our garden, cooked food waste taken by the council – as well as the recycling bin which takes paper, card, foil and some plastics. I know that we need to work on buying less, shopping in a zero waste fashion (I DO buy loose bananas but Tesco keep insisting on delivering them in a bag!) and taking our recycling further (I saw a great tip by local Green MP Cate Cody about collecting the staples and other bits of metal until there’s a decent amount to take to the local recycling centre (formerly known as the tip).Zero Waste Week 2017

Zero Waste in 2017

When I was growing up there were lots of important messages passed on (even in schools) about the importance of not throwing litter on the floor – that we should put it in the bin. It is great and I watched so many children happily go and put their rubbish in the bin just the other day. BUT the message needs to change. We need to be telling children to really think about what they are buying. Do they need it, and what will happen to it after they have finished with it? I think councils are playing a good part by normalising it in their lives – but it is a shame that what is collected seems a bit of a postcode lottery – and what actually happens after it is collected we probably do not want to know (Birmingham are putting it in landfill at least currently to “catch up” with all the rubbish after the striking). Also I see a lot of confusion about what can be put where (in which “bin”) – especially where it concerns plastics. Either we need a simpler system or more education.

Zero Waste Week 2017

Zero Waste Week has been running for TEN years by Rae Strauss – the No.1 Mover & Shaker in the Waste & Recycling World. Each day she has come up with a new theme which will be promoted across various channels by herself and Zero Waste Ambassadors.  Whether you are just curious, new or a seasoned zero waster just follow the #ZeroWasteWeek hashtag to join in. Share your tips or ask questions. Hope to see you there. For the future of our planet and the next generations.

For more information visit: waste weekpaul morris