Missed Doctor’s Appointments £10 Fines: Sunak Penalises Poor

Our Prime Minister Rishi Sunak wants £10 fines for missed doctor’s appointments here in the UK. As each missed appointment costs the NHS an average of £30 per person. With more than 15 million no-shows at GP surgeries every year. Charging for missed appointments apparently encourages patients to be proactive about their health and can … Read more

How we would spend Lottery Winnings!

statue in the garden witley court

With my 40th Birthday coming up this week it really is a time for reflection and thinking about the things I would like. Obviously some are more obtainable than others and some nothing a lottery win from Lottoland couldn’t sort out! This got me to thinking about what I would do if I did win; … Read more

Zero Waste Week 2017

Zero Waste Week 2017

I first took part in Zero Waste Week when I had 2 children in nappies. With 6 of us at home and I think no recycling (before the days of collections) I was really proud of our half a carrier bag full of rubbish at the end of the week. Fast forward to now and … Read more

Party Political Manifesto Affects on Education

If you are undecided about the upcoming Election then you may want to consider the impact each of the parties has on education. Schools are suffering from underfunding – meaning they have had to cut school hours, being forced to drop subjects from the curriculum, increase class sizes or cut staff numbers. Buildings are going un-repaired … Read more

Election Hopes and Dreams

Election Hopes and Dreams

This Election Day is a big one for me because it is the first time that my son is old enough to vote. Talking about the different parties and policies with my son, helping us both decide who we should vote for, has really made me think about my hopes and dreams for the future. … Read more

Poor SATs Results Resits

Poor SATs Results Resits

News today is that David Cameron has said that he wants to implement children who fail at their Maths and English SATs in Year 6 (ages 10 and 11) should repeat them in Year 7 (up to a further two times). Money is waiting for the Secondary Schools with £500 for every pupil who has … Read more

Gender Differences Toys and Messages

Gender Differences Toys and Messages

Boys and girls are different. But you know that right. They look different physically – and that is even their brains. So why is it, that people are so adamant that they should be the same and what to ignore these differences? Yes I know that all girls want to play with dolls and all … Read more

Toy Fair 2015 Blogger Perspective

Toy Fair 2015 Blogger

About The Toy Fair Toy Fair 2015 was the 62nd annual Toy Fair. It is the only dedicated toy, game and hobby exhibition in the UK, with more than 260 exhibiting companies all under one roof. These range from large internationals to the new start-up companies. Showcasing many toy types such as electronic, outdoor, educational, … Read more

Underage Drinking – Drinkaware

Underage Drinking - Drinkaware

 My own experience of drinking underage I know too well that children drink underage. I was around eight years old when I had my first drink! It was around the same time that I had my first cigarette. My mom did not really drink as her dad had drunk too heavily. My dad, on the … Read more

Kids out Playing Alone

Kids out Playing

Making decisions about parenting is probably the most difficult thing I have had to do. There’s so much conflicting advice and there never seems to be any right answers. Some areas seem to have more support for a particular method than others, but some topics are just an absolute minefield. Most parents just want their … Read more