Read on Get on – Save The Children

Read on Get on Save the Children

My son has just started secondary school, his homework was to pick a book to read for ten minutes at school today. This was really easy for him as he loves reading and finds it all too easy. Reading has opened up a whole new World to him, he can immerse himself in fantasy and … Read more

Zero Waste help 2014

Zero waste week one more thing

So here it is National Zero Waste Week. This year the theme is One More thing. Well I already reuse my bags at the supermarket, compost , own a Mooncup, used real nappies, breastfed, have a soda stream machine; Last year I looked at my recycling habits and this year I am shopping naked! That is that  have pledged to do … Read more

Zero Waste Week Pledge 2014

shop naked packaging zero waste

This year I am an ambassador for Zero Waste Week – which is all about trying to prevent the amount of things that end up in Landfill. All you have to do is make a pledge to reduce landfill in some shape or form for just for one week (Monday 1st – Monday 8th September 2014) to your … Read more

Emily Louise Slough Rugeley Mass Feed

tandem feeding

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was sat on a toilet floor breastfeeding my baby. Obviously because it was such a horrid place to be I didn’t feed him for long, and rushed him through his feed. I feel terribly guilty that this was the story of his newborn life. At 4 months … Read more

Inspirational Women Postcard #LastingChange

international womens day lastingchange

International Women’s Day (IWD) is marked on the 8th March every year. It is to show appreciation, love and respect in a celebration for women’s economic, political and social achievements all over the World. I have told you about Emma Hann a lady I admire from Scotland, but now I share with you an Inspirational Woman … Read more

Big Benefit Row – A Rant

benefits row

You know those books that you mean to get around to reading, but never do, yeah that. You see there’s a theory about a Selfish Gene and how we all need to fight for survival of the fittest. That is the only explanation I can see to all these “benefits” stuff. People who are not … Read more

Benefit Street: Mocking or Community?

James Turner Street

Benefit Street Channel 4 9pm Mondays (for 5 weeks):  So we are meant to believe that Channel 4 wanted to show that all those living in James Turner Street, who are poor and mostly on Benefits, have a community spirit. Let’s be honest the fact that it is set in Birmingham, with the occupants are … Read more