Big Benefit Row – A Rant

You know those books that you mean to get around to reading, but never do, yeah that. You see there’s a theory about a Selfish Gene and how we all need to fight for survival of the fittest. That is the only explanation I can see to all these “benefits” stuff. People who are not (or at least do not see themselves) as claiming benefits feeling like they have some good cause to put down those who are. No sympathy, no understanding just “get a job!” statements.

benefits row

I really do not understand why they feel the need to further lower the self-esteem of some of society’s vulnerable members. There should not be any shame in claiming benefits if you need them (read my post on why I think you should claim DLA for your own children). We should not forget that bad things can happen to anyone! People have disabled children, people become disabled through accidents, people can become mentally ill (possibly due to bereavement, abuse or it just happens) – are we expected just to let them suffer? Those with big families who become unable to provide for them anymore (perhaps a company went into liquidation) – is it tough they should have thought of that before having children?

The Governments suggestion seems to be to put children in school (from 2 years old!) all day (until 6pm and with shorter holidays) – is this really going to solve things? Is it just people with children using childcare as an “excuse” not to work who are on benefits? I mean it would certainly mean there were more jobs if we needed more teachers. And would it be easy to be able to get these jobs? I’ve heard so many nasty comments about the way people talk, dress, and look that mean that people do not feel that they should have the jobs – so how are they supposed to win?  Have you ever tried buying new clothes without any money? Of course there would be disapproval if they then went and stole the clothes – but could it not be understood why they may feel that this is the only option?

What about their education, especially if it were very basic. The benefit system makes it rather difficult to better yourself. I think that those who are trying to make their lives better, or are working deserve things to be fairer, this does need addressing. You should never have more money on benefits than you do working. There needs to be changes in helping those who want to help themselves, not making the most vulnerable even more so. I like this idea of a basic income by Jax – go see what you think.

And do not even get me started on why they start bringing immigration into the debate, again I feel it is just to further entice hatred – when did the human race lose so much compassion? I think the television companies should show a broader range of people on benefits – and am sure they would pull in a bigger audience because I am sure there is understanding in our hearts. We do care about the honest people affected by cuts to disability benefits, bedroom tax and the like.

And as for Katie Hopkins – if she actually stood by what she said I would have more respect for her, but to say, “well you chose to have kids” when she did not have to claim child benefit and did says it all for me. She only “gave it back” when she was made to for earning above the threshold!

As a country we have the opportunity to make sure we are all healthy, fed and warm. Some places do not have this luxury, let’s support one another instead of turning on each other.

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  1. We watched that last night and spent most of it shouting at the TV. I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that surely the argument wasn’t about people that genearlly need the benefits i.e. single parents, disabled people, the elderly etc but more about the people that could work but choose not to. The whole programme was completley pointless and the fact that they picked Kate Hopkins to represent working people was just a joke! There was no conclusion to it just lots of angry people shouting at each other. Sorry about the long rant coment 🙁

  2. Sadly it was a wasted opportunity to discuss an important issue. Really just an excuse for Hopkins and Currie to have their moment in the lime light. Can I assume one or either of them have a book, tv show or similar to publicise

  3. I think that they even made the point that there’s hardly anyone actually on benefits who is because they are lazy and don’t want to work. The ones that people assume are like that they do not even consider the ‘why’ – I mean I feel you’d have to have pretty low self-esteem to want to be in a situation where benefits is all you could aspire to if you could help it (especially in situations where they are having them taken away) no one choses to live like that.

  4. I haven’t watched any of the programmes because I kind of knew what they would be like. Undoubtedly there are there are people on benefits who don’t need/deserve them, but they are there for a reason. I would like to feel that if I needed them benefits would be available to me. All the cuts worry me as it means that it’s next to impossible to survive decently & honestly on benefits. If someone needs benefits they shouldn’t be made to feel guilty or unworthy.

  5. I watched half of it and fell asleep. We have needed benefits at one point or other and agree they should be there to help the disabled and be a short term measure to help people who have been made redundant or are ill.
    What riles me is that many see benefits as a lifestyle choice (we have members of the family that do) and they shouldn’t be there for that. Some and I emphasise SOME do expect something for nothing , expect to walk into a well paid job with no experience – what happened to working hard and being proud of climbing the work ladder?

  6. I didn’t see this programme but I can imagine! I think the problem really is the media. I’ve come into my workplace before and heard colleagues talking about the episode of “Benefit Street” they saw recently and bitching about the people who were featured (obviously the ones who expect something for nothing) and it makes you realise that us working people are being brainwashed and the powers that be are basically aiming to divide and conquer. I’ve got a very good friend who survives on disability benefits and she is absolutely terrified and disgusted by the way the media & government have been trying to demonise benefit claimants.

  7. I was horrified by that programme. It was just a hideous slanging match all round, with no opportunity for anyone to put their points across. Which is why perfectly intelligent people showed themselves up and behaved as badly as Katie Hopkin always does.

    I do like the idea of the Basic Income. Unfortunately though, in our non-industrialised capitalist society there will always be opportunity to exploit or become a vicitim of whatever system we put in place. We simply don’t have enough of the type of job that most of our population are qualified to do/capable of doing. And I don’t see that changing in the future either.

    Such a difficult subject

  8. It is gratuitous television which creates an ‘us against them’ culture and history shows us this is never a good thing. But the trouble is these programmes are rating winners and we watch them, that includes me so I feel I lose a bit of the moral high ground! The only winners are the tv execs and advertisers.

  9. You are so right. It seems the war on poverty has become the war on the poor, and a divide and conquer mentality is being forced upon us. Are we meant to look at this street and say ‘Pah!’ while we sit drinking tea and eating biscuits? I just don’t get it. I find the programme really distressing – we should be sticking together, as you say – support is needed, not condemnation.
    Great post.


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