Showing Love without a high price tag

February the 14th is coming around again which means that love is in the air. Although this holiday has got quite commercialised I still think it is a time to stop and make sure me and my husband show each other we love one another (and this does not have to cost money, or a lot at least). Now before someone argues that we should be doing this everyday we do do a lot of things every day, this is a bit more. And if my husband had it his way he’d be buying me a dozen red roses every day (and I’d rather the money go on other things).

valentines ideas
  • We daily say I love you – well several times throughout the day – every morning and night
  • We start the day with a hug, a kiss and a I love you.
  • We always ask each other how we are feeling.
  • We ask and listen to how each others day is.
  • We say thank you to each other for even the small daily things.
  • We try to avoid leaving an argument unfinished (it is never left until the next day).
showing love without a high price tag

I’m sure there’s many more but I asked some other bloggers for ideas on what ways they show someone you care without spending a lot of money:

Jenny from MummyMishaps – Do some IOU or promises cards could be romantic ones, eg picnic for 2, massage, or nice gestures eg . get the kids up one Sunday so you can have a lie in or do the vacuuming etc etc

Jayne from Mums the Word – points over to the matter in the research which will also improve a woman’s health and fight depression

Laura from Tired Mummy of Two – Hide little love notes around the house, in their coat pocket, lunch box etc

Rebecca from Here Come the Girls –  I think basic things are more important than grand gestures, like asking how they are and actually listening, not snapping at them about trivial things, looking after then when they’re poorly, not slagging them off to mutual friends all the time. General not taking them for granted I suppose.

Penny from Being Mrs C says –  I once wrote a book of promises – things like “I will do the washing up five times when it’s not my turn” “I will do the bins when it’s not my turn” Went down very well.

Lucy from Wonderthift  suggests Building a campfire and toast marshmallows and talk about your life dreams.

Lizzie – from Me and My Shadow has some Romantic Energy Saving tips , made a Just Because I love You Book, and a Jigsaw puzzle photo keyring.

Jigsaw puzzle photo keyring

Helen from The Crazy Kitchen  – cooking a big fat steak & popping a bottle of Stella in the fridge usually does the trick here.

steak dinner

Michelle from Mummy from the Heart – Book a babysitter and then send him an email at work to tell him we are going out that night. Get all dressed up and greet him with a kiss when he returns with kids all ready in PJs and have a nice meal out.

Also check out the 31 Days of Love over on RedTedArt where on Day 20 you can find my Wire Beaded Heart 

hearts and flowers

What ideas do you have for Valentine’s on Budget?

24 thoughts on “Showing Love without a high price tag”

  1. This is a wonderful reminder – you DON’T need to spend a lot – or even anything – to show love. Spend time with your children, really listen to them, read a favorite story…they love these things too!

  2. Some really good ideas. We don’t make much of Valentine’s Day tbh, this year I am stuck at GOSH with one of the children! I really like the jigsaw idea though 🙂

  3. Valentine’s Day has been so commercialised, it has lost its essence. I would rather we spent more time talking to each other than spend tons on presents.

  4. It’s so true, we never waste money on valentines, we usually make something or cook each other dinner and have an indoor picnic or something 🙂 Loads of ideas on pinterest x

  5. We never spend a lot on Valentines Day, we just try to have a nice evening together – that’s what it’s all about x

  6. Aww some great ideas here! We always used to do quite a bit for Valentine’s Day and then time and energy waned and we sort of don’t any more. I must rectify it this year!! Thank you for the inspiration! 🙂

  7. What a lovely post Joy – so many lovely ideas too. We have our ‘getting together’ anniversary on 13th February – 15 years! We’ve got no sitter but we should do something 🙂

  8. Absolutely! You don’t have to spend money, it’s often the lttle things that show that you care. I love the jigsaw keyring idea!

  9. I am not against Valentines Day but like pointed above, it shouldn’t be about how much you spend… it should be about your love, feelings and how much you really care

  10. This is so true, the gift of love is most definitely free and although I’m good with nearly all of those things I am guilty of not saying please to my husband as much as he does to me. I think he would appreciate it so from now on i’m going to make sure I give that extra bit of attention he deserves x

  11. What a lovely post. I love the little suggestions and I totally agree on the saying thank you and making time to hear about each other’s day x


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