No Monkeying Around this Valentines

Valentines doesn’t have to be a commercial time of year – it can be a time when you show someone how much you care about them. One year I filled a tin full of heart shaped paper with words on them – they were all words describing how wonderful my husband is – and he still has that tin.


 So this is what I got my husband this year.


So I took a tissue paper box and some red paper.


Covered it uphandboxAnd glued on my Your Hand in Mine craft
Next my son’s favourite activity – painting himself lol


Meanwhile, me and my 5 year old painted some white paper and a toilet roll holder brown.


Then on my computer I made a Monkey face template

if you want a copy just e-mail me on


We cut the circle head and the eyes out of the painted brown paper, and the rest from the paper we usually use to send off parcels.


We then glued the pieces together.


And glued it onto the toilet roll holder.



Then again I went onto my computer and made this little heart to attach to the back of the monkey.

Then I put the bags of sweets at the bottom of the box. Added the Egg Carton Roses to the sides, and sat the two monkeys next to each other.


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  1. An ingenious idea and one I’m sure will be much appreciated in a few hours time! Thanks for joining my Blog Hop and happy Engagement Anniversary to you too!


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