Valentine’s Simple Food ideas


They say the way to a man’s heart s through his stomach.

Well here’s some simple love (heart) ideas for Valentine’s


The cake mix
8oz of self-raising flour,
8oz butter
5oz castor sugar
5 eggs
Red colouring
Vanilla essence


Cut strawberries into hearts, cover in yoghurt and then freeze.frozenyoghurtstrawberries

Even vegetables can get into the act with some fancy cutting.


For more Valentines ideas see my Pinterest Board.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s Simple Food ideas”

  1. Never thought of cutting veggies into heart shapes–would be great for ANY party at any time of the year! I did see that strawberry with frozen yogurt somewhere else–it looks really good and I definitely have to try it. Heart shaped cake with whipped cream and fresh strawberry filling covered in pink frosting–YUM


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