Making Perfect Pancakes: Super Easy When You Know How

The perfect pancakes are easy to make from scratch. Honestly those ones where you just add an egg are a waste of money. In this post I tell you how we make the perfect pancakes. The perfect base for either a sweet or savoury treat.

basic pancakes

Basic Pancake Mix

First of all you will want to make your basic pancake mix.

Take 3 medium eggs (or 2 large), 6 ozs plain flour, 6 fluid oz. of milk and 4 oz. of water.

Just whisk them all together!

That is it! That is really just how easy it is to make perfect pancake mix!

To make it easier I just stick them all in a big plastic jug. First I break the eggs into it as I find it is easier to get any shell out if it drops off. My husband does it another way for another reason and it really doesn’t make any difference.

This is the same recipe for Yorkshire puddings and you can also add some butter if you desire.

Cooking Your Perfect Pancakes

Cooking your perfect pancakes is just as easy as making the mix! What you want to do is get your pan nice and hot. But you don’t want the pancakes to stick. What I do is I put some cooking oil in (of whatever variety you prefer). Enough to really line the bottom of the pan though. Then I let it heat up and then tip the oil out of the pan into a cup! Unless of course you wish to use a non-stick pan for your pancakes.

For perfect pancakes you want to have ideally not long whisked the mix up. Turn down the heat a little and then pour in the mix to line the bottom of the frying pan – but not too thick. How much you actually pour also depends on the size you want your pancake – in diameter as well as thickness. The key is now not to try and move the mix before it has cooked enough, but not leaving it too long that it burns.

Pancake Pick N Mix - Healthy Breakfast Challenge

Generally a shake of the pan will see if your pancake is cooked right. Then you can flip it over with a spatula, or if you are feeling fancy you can toss it!

The other side will not take long to cook at all.

Finishing your Pancake

Then you just need to decide how you are going to eat your pancake. Personally we have them a lot and are happy to eat them plain. But you can add sugar, lemon juice, maple syrup, bacon, ice-cream, fruit – I could go on and on.

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Do you make your pancakes this way? How do you like to eat yours?

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  1. You have just had me Googling when pancake day is. hehehe Pancakes are really easy to make. I think the key to a good one is a really hot pan. We don’t eat pancakes often enough even though we all love them, we should eat them more, not just once a year! x


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