Wisdom Tooth Removal with a Needle Phobia

Honestly I don’t remember how long ago it was when a dentist first said oh that tooth will have to come out. They always just kind of assume they can stick a needle in your mouth and all will be ok. It will not! But having your wisdom tooth taken out when you have a … Read more

Down Syndrome & Sport…..Inspirational Runner Jade’s Story

With these Inspirational Runners’ Stories I aim to show that running is for everyone. So I am super pleased that Jade was willing to share with my readers her story. Her story isn’t about her Down Syndrome other than to show it doesn’t hold her back from being a triathlete. You can follow her journey … Read more

Making Perfect Pancakes: Super Easy When You Know How

The perfect pancakes are easy to make from scratch. Honestly those ones where you just add an egg are a waste of money. In this post I tell you how we make the perfect pancakes. The perfect base for either a sweet or savoury treat. Basic Pancake Mix First of all you will want to … Read more

Money Saving ideas you Should Know About

gas hob

With the cost of living going up then a lot of us are looking for money saving ideas. My first thoughts were to delete Fortnite and shower at the gym but then I thought that people may need some serious ideas. Cut back on your Gas & Electricity Bill If you aren’t already on a … Read more