Step by Step Egg Carton Roses

valentinesrosesYou may have seen these lovely Roses we made from Egg Cartons. Here’s my step by step in photos.


I cut the big box into each cup. Here my son had great fun playing with them – stacking, counting etc.


Then we painted them. I talked about inside and outside. It’s easier to paint inside first then you can turn them over and paint outside without holding them.


We saw the Occupational Therapist today for an initial meeting and she said it does sound like our son has a Sensory Processing Disorder to do with touch. It wasn’t long before he was painting his hands red. Here he is “red handed”


We then left them on some newspaper to dry.


Just dropped a blob of glue inside a cup.

Then pushed the next cup inside and added another blob of glue.


Finally push a third cup inside and wait for them to dry.


Then I took a bendy straw and bent round the bendy bit and sellotaped it shut.


Then just tape the “stem” to the “flower”


10 thoughts on “Step by Step Egg Carton Roses”

  1. I absolutely love these roses! We have been dyeing some egg cartons with water paints this week…such a wonderful tool aren’t they? One of my twins has sensory processing disorder…mainly around touch and a few other things…let me know if i can offer support in any wayx

  2. This is brilliant. Simple and effective – a perfect craft for our household. Thanks for sharing, I am sure we will do this soon.

  3. What a lovely idea, they are really effective. I’ll have to change my egg supplier though as our free range come in plastic containers grrr.


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