10 Ways To Save Money Whilst Studying a Degree

girl biting pencil in front of computer

This is an endorsed partnered post. Higher education doesn’t have to be expensive. If you want to get a degree but are worried about the debts and the cost of resources, here are just a few ways in which you could save money. Look for a sponsored course Believe it or not – there are … Read more

Saving Money Online

money lose change coins falling out of a wallet

When it comes to money I am more of a saver than a spender. When I was younger my parents used to call me a meiser and I used to make piles with my pocket money and count it over and over again. Don’t get me wrong I like nice things but I also want … Read more

Valentine’s Day finest* a la carte Meal Deal £20

Valentine's Day finest* a la carte Meal Deal £20

This Valentine’s Day why not try the finest* a la carte Meal Deal for Two only £20. This is a saving of between £10.99-£16.00 if you bought the items separately. Best of all you don’t even have to both like the same things! Order 2 main courses, 2 side dishes and 2 desserts – then add … Read more

Showing Love without a high price tag

showing love without a high price tag

February the 14th is coming around again which means that love is in the air. Although this holiday has got quite commercialised I still think it is a time to stop and make sure me and my husband show each other we love one another (and this does not have to cost money, or a … Read more

Easter Chick TRH Craft

Today we made Chicks from TRH (Toilet Roll Holders) as it is the run up to Easter. First we painted a toilet roll holder yellow, cut it in half and glued on a pipe cleaner as a beak Glue on the all important googley eyes Then some feathers Being careful that you do not knock … Read more

Easter Bunny TRH

We have really got into our Toilet Roll Holder Craft. With Easter coming up a Bunny was the perfect craft. Besides which my youngest prefers things that are familiar. First we mixed red and white paint together. He has a low attention span and tends to end up just painting his hands.  I’m finding by keep … Read more

No Monkeying Around this Valentines

Valentines doesn’t have to be a commercial time of year – it can be a time when you show someone how much you care about them. One year I filled a tin full of heart shaped paper with words on them – they were all words describing how wonderful my husband is – and he … Read more

Step by Step Egg Carton Roses

You may have seen these lovely Roses we made from Egg Cartons. Here’s my step by step in photos. I cut the big box into each cup. Here my son had great fun playing with them – stacking, counting etc. Then we painted them. I talked about inside and outside. It’s easier to paint inside … Read more

16 Kids and Counting Interview with Sue Radford: Part 3

sue and noel radford sitting on a big chair

The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th January 2012  Channel 4 9pm The whole family are also appearing on This Morning which involves a trip to London. Sue Radford, now a mother of 16 children and a grandmother agreed to an interview with me. See PART ONE HERE and PART TWO HERE   Do you have any financial advice to give? You bought … Read more

16 Kids and Counting: Interview with Sue Radford Part 2

I think that no matter what you do as a parent, whatever approach you take, then there’s always going to be someone telling you that their way is better, but with 16 Children I think that the Radfords are more in a position than most to comment. The New Show 16 kids and Counting airs on 11th … Read more