Sun £9.50 Holidays 2013 BOOK NOW OPEN ALL CODE WORDS

Well Christmas is over and now time to think about next year. If a holiday is on the top of your list of things to do but the cost of Christmas has left you a bit skint you will be pleased to know that The Sun has launched its £9.50 holidays for 2013. To book … Read more

What do you get with a G?

I have been teaching my 4 year old the alphabet before he starts school in September (Yay we got our first choice school. I hope you did too) I actually started with my youngest. We simply used some black tissue paper (tbh it’s the only black paper I had but I thought it would be just perfect as … Read more

Meal Planning Monday

The link up is at Home with Mrs M I have been really busy of late and the meal planning has fallen by the way side – but this week I’m getting back on it because it saves a lot of money,  time, and waste. If you don’t like to see things going to waste you … Read more

Real Nappy Week 2012

Today (16th April) marks the start of Real Nappy Week 2012 and it runs on to the 22nd April. You can find a wealth of information on all things Real Nappy Week related over at Go Real Why Use Real Nappies? You will never run out of nappies (as long as you wash them) – … Read more

Earth Day

What better way to teach children about the World around them and how to preserve and protect it than by joining in with Earth Day (Sunday April 22nd 2012). The first picture below, is of a tree in our backgarden. You cannot really tell from this picture but the tree has died. But it doesn’t … Read more

Daffodils and Bonnets

With it being Spring we decided to combine learning the letter D with Daffodils First simply cut out a letter D and colour it orange I never had any yellow paper so we painted a white sheet – I also think this adds to the fun, gives it more texture, and obviously the added skill … Read more

Money Saving ideas you Should Know About

gas hob

With the cost of living going up then a lot of us are looking for money saving ideas. My first thoughts were to delete Fortnite and shower at the gym but then I thought that people may need some serious ideas. Cut back on your Gas & Electricity Bill If you aren’t already on a … Read more

Meal Planning Monday 19th March

I discovered this meme last week, and what a great way to stick to a meal plan (saving money and waste – for more ideas see My Zero Waste) and to get fresh ideas. The link up is at Home with Mrs M Monday  Roast Beef. Tuesday Sausage dinner (sausages cooked in onions and gravy, veg and mash … Read more

Meal Planning Monday

I’ve just discovered this meme and what a great way to stick to a meal plan (saving money and waste – for more ideas see My Zero Waste) and to get fresh ideas. The link up is at Home with Mrs M Monday Lasagne My son gets the school bus home and there’s no extra … Read more

Christmas Hats

A simple activity to keep the children entertained this Christmas and a lot of fun is to make Christmas hats. They can be as simple or as complicated as you like and then can be worn for the Christmas dinner. Simply get a strip of coloured paper or card and pull it around the head … Read more