What do you get with a G?

I have been teaching my 4 year old the alphabet before he starts school in September (Yay we got our first choice school. I hope you did too)


I actually started with my youngest. We simply used some black tissue paper (tbh it’s the only black paper I had but I thought it would be just perfect as it would be a new texture for him and scrunch up a bit and make it a bit more affective.

See how a simple white hand print on black paper can be – yes you got it a


This was adapted from this pin here the original is here

You can find LOTS of  ideas like this over on Pinterest.

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With my older son we talked about the letter G and things he knew started with it like

Goat, Girl, Gorgeous, Green, Grapes, Game, Grass, Glue, Glitter.


Using this idea here and the original is here I went out and got real Green Grass from outside. I dried it on some newspaper and put it in an old washed up yoghurt pot.


Then onto some green paper I drew a letter G and cut it out.

Then let him just glue the grass onto the G.

16 thoughts on “What do you get with a G?”

  1. Creative as always, your little one will be the class expert on his alphabet. Love what you are doing. Thanks you for sharing on Country Kids, are you waiting for next week’s linky, not there at the moment?

  2. I love your letter crafts – I had never thought of using grass to do a letter G.

    Thank you for linking up to Tuesday Tots this week


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