Rapid Lateral Flow Tests – The School Saga

So the big day arrived the boys could all go back to school. Two of them had been into school one of the days the week before to have their rapid lateral flow tests and it all seemed straight forward. Unfortunately it was the same day my husband/their dad had a family funeral to attend. But this meant that it would be the first time in years that I would have the house to myself!

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The Morning of Back to School

It all started really well with their dad dropping them off before collecting his flowers. I had waited at home for this all to be sorted reading a book before I did anything else. But yes it had all gone swimmingly and so I decided to go out for a long run.

The Long Run and The Rapid Lateral Flow Tests Saga

The run itself seemed much harder than usual I felt quite tired. I put this down to my coronavirus vaccination and just thought it was okay I could take it steady. After all I had the whole school day to myself. Whilst on my run I started worrying about things I needed to do – including doing the food shop so we actually had dinner.

The Teen Texts

Our 13 year old hadn’t had his first rapid lateral flow test yet and had to wait in the food hall waiting his turn. They had been warned it could be a while and to take a book. Of course he didn’t! On my run he started messaging me, saying things like they were still waiting. It was nice he was wanting to message me but I had paused my run as I thought it was important. Now of course my teen IS important in himself so I did continue to keep messaging him when I discovered there was no emergency. However, I did tell him I was on a run.

Non Consent to have a Rapid Lateral Flow Test

Then I received a text from the teen saying that his turn had come and that I hadn’t given consent. This was really quite annoying because there is usually notifications on the app used for this school until you submit a response. This hadn’t happened and it was the next day before I realised. In fact at the point of the deadline (a week before back to school) I didn’t even know when this child was going in to do rapid lateral flow tests!

My Error with Consent

On realising my error I had rung the school and they had told me it was fine and they would make a note of it. Well this consequently meant that our teen ended up just sitting on his own. He was informed that after everyone else was tested they would get him to call me and have consent. Apparently he wasn’t allowed to eat until after the test either.

The Non-Testers

Stood in the middle of a field I tried calling the school. There was no answer. I asked him if he could show the text and he said he couldn’t. He was sending me messages explaining that EVERYONE else was outside. Yes even the children who had refused tests but he wasn’t allowed. He had to wait.

The Positive Rapid Lateral flow Test

He had messaged to say there was someone meant to be coming for him but he was just sat there. When I finished my 10 miles I tried the school again and left an answer machine message. So

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I received a phone call, but it wasn’t his school it was about his younger brother. One of the children had tested positive on the rapid lateral flow test and so he needed picking up immediately. The school is not local and they appreciated I could be a while.

Positive but Negative Rapid Lateral Flow Test

It was explained that our son had to self-isolate for 10 days. I was actually told at this point that it was only until the child had tested positive on a PCR test. However, this advice has changed and the boy in question has tested negative but still they are all meant to self-isolate for 10 days.

Staying at Home following a Positive Rapid Lateral Flow Test

Obviously staying at home wasn’t possible. I did get him to wear a face covering in the car and not hug everyone like he usually would, just in case. But I could not leave him at home alone (remember his dad had gone to a funeral).

Since then it is lucky his dad is working from home. The school have been fantastic and live lessons started back up the very next day! Obviously they clash with the school run (remember the children have to be driven to school and back – the older ones because they are at Grammar school).

The Teen and the Non Consent Issue

Fortunately me not having to take the Tween to school meant I could go in with the Teen to reception the next day. We have now been told that he will just be able to be tested when his year group are next called up. Fingers crossed.

His older brother has messaged me to say he has his last Rapid Lateral Flow Test at school tomorrow and then he can do them at home. The SAME tests as at school but these can be overridden by a PCR Test!

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  1. I’m glad they’re eating the home positive lateral flow tests.be overridden by a negative.pcr test. I know someone who works for 119 and she said they couldn’t be, but all the documentation is still saying they can be.


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