A-Level Dilemma

Let’s face it this corona-19 virus has disrupted so many people’s lives and had such an impact on education. It is the current year 10 and 12s I really feel for though because it doesn’t look like any allowances are being made to their exams to account for the fact that they haven’t had the … Read more

Back to School

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I don’t want to go back to school and it really makes me question whether I could home educate. It isn’t the fact that my boys aren’t being educated at their level, or having things adapted for them to help them not to be different, it isn’t even the other parents (let’s be honest some … Read more

Party Political Manifesto Affects on Education

If you are undecided about the upcoming Election then you may want to consider the impact each of the parties has on education. Schools are suffering from underfunding – meaning they have had to cut school hours, being forced to drop subjects from the curriculum, increase class sizes or cut staff numbers. Buildings are going un-repaired … Read more

Looking Back at the First Day of School

school uniform F&F Tesco

Starting School Fears When my youngest started school I feared for his future. You see the thing is he wasn’t like the other children and showed a Global Developmental Delay. His speech was limited and so I never imagined that he would ever be able to read and write. I worried about whether he would … Read more