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I don’t want to go back to school and it really makes me question whether I could home educate. It isn’t the fact that my boys aren’t being educated at their level, or having things adapted for them to help them not to be different, it isn’t even the other parents (let’s be honest some are really hard work and bring about a lot of drama!) – no it is all the added responsibility that school brings – which keeps being put on my uniform F&F Tesco

I am not quite sure what it is about schools that fail to let parents know of important things – and in good time. I have no idea how they coped without text messages (I seem to get one every five minutes telling me about cake sales) –  which are used to tell parents things very last-minute. They are then expected to be able to just drop whatever they are doing in their life and sort what it is their child needs. Who knew the school planned a school trip, art day etc – or that letter they sent out needed a reply by the morning, etc. Then you feel like a rubbish parent, as after all you decided to have children! Maybe I had too many children with four – and that actually having only two children makes it easier for this last-minute organisation. I mean who even needs to know what day the kids go back to school, never mind planning for the school holidays. Surely parents can plan around last year’s term dates – which are on the school’s website! I am self-employed from home – hats off to parents who work full-time in an office etc (if you are one of those and have some tips for me please do let me know in the comments, by e-mail, or even on Twitter/Facebook thank you).

I am not even sure how children are meant to learn to get organised (and plan) when schools seem unable to do it (you’d think when they do the same trips each year that they could let the parents know what to expect and roughly when in advance!): Plus why is the responsibility passed onto the parents so much. Let’s be fair though – it isn’t just schools it is the after school activities too. Fair enough at least the ones which are voluntary have an excuse – but having had a break from all the paperwork and things to sort I have really being enjoying the summer. I still haven’t done the uniform shop but guess I am being lazy and really this time “off” from dealing with all this stuff wasn’t really to have a break it was to crack on with the next bit of parenting!



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  1. Aaagh! I feel your pain! The school admin is a full-time job in itself. I’m pretty good at taking notes of dates and putting them in both my phone calendar and on the family calendar, but I still forget things for time to time, particularly the money for the endless fundraising days! It has certainly been nice to have a break from all that pressure for a few weeks.


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