Trutex School Uniform: Comfortable and Practical #Review

I was gifted 3 items of school uniform per child from Trutex for purposes of review. No other compensation was given and all views are honest and my own.

What you want from School Uniform

When it comes to school uniform you want good quality so that it lasts. But more importantly even than that is a school uniform which is comfortable and practical. I am pleased to say that Trutex definitely delivered on this front.

Trutex School uniform

School Uniform Sizing

I find there’s nothing worse as children get into the older school years than not being able to find their size. This is definitely something that has improved since the oldest was at school. I was really pleased to see that Trutex cater for a range of sizes with Blazers from 24-50” inch chests for example (in both “Girls” and “Boys” selections). This meant that I could even find uniform for our son in 6th form. As it is plain (as opposed to school branded) it means he also has something smart for when he leaves school too. Whether that’s for interviews or special occasions.

Trutex School Uniform comes in a wide range of sizes including catering for 6th form

The website has through guides on getting the size right too! These also help you decide on which style you may require. If you’re anything like me you will want to make sure that they are comfortable but will not grow out of them too quickly. Especially for those who are just starting secondary school and inevitably will have a bit of a growth-spurt.

school uniform to grow in to

Trutex School Uniform Boys Trousers

Boys school trousers, in my experience, are the hardest bit of school uniform to get just right. Most places offer adjustable waist school trousers these days and of course Trutex do. This means that you can ensure a very comfortable fit and not have to end up buying the wrong length (and possibly turning them up!).

buttons to control the waist size on school trousers

What I also really like about the boys Trutex school trousers is that they have two sets of pockets. The first where inevitably they will stuff their hands and tissues! The second with a zip, so that important items can be secured.

Trutex school uniform is practical - trousers have extra zip pocket

All Your School Needs in One Place (well almost)

The great thing about the Trutex website is that you can buy almost everything you need from one place. Apart from school shoes – there’s the PE kit, bags, water bottles, socks, tights, school stationery (which even covers face masks!) and even clothes to keep them warm.

Trutex school uniform fleece jacket

Trutex and the Environment

Trutex are committed to sustainability. From how the design and manufacture their garments to being a carbon neutral business since 2012.

Their school uniform is made to last. It can stand up to the rigors of school life and multiple washes. With stain repellency being a core attribute to most of their school uniform. The fabrics are sourced sustainably, and the impact to the environment is as low as possible. Whilst consciously minimising the energy and waste they produce.

Reducing plastics

Pioneers in the use of polyester made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Trutex are on a mission to reduce their single use plastics where they can. Aiming to reduce their use by at least 50% by 2025. They have saved over14 million plastic bottles from reaching landfill in 2020.

Trutex are doing their bit to reducing micro-plastics: Minimising the shedding of their products whilst retaining fabric quality and comfort.

Trutex school uniform shirts

Verdict on Trutex School Uniform

Trutex have a great range of sizes and an easy to follow website. Their clothing is extremely practical, particularly the boys trousers. They are of good quality, comfortable and wash well. Their no-iron really does mean that!

With free delivery available, next-day delivery and fuss-free returns.

You can find Trutex on Twitter @TrutexLtd and Facebook

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  1. I have heard of Truetex but always saw people with younger children blogging about it and just assumed it was aimed at younger kids not teenagers too. How fantastic. Your boys look very smart and I do like the look of the trousers with the adjustable waist bands. x


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