Mental Mindset: 6 Tips to Succeed in Online Poker

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Is your mind your own worst enemy? Are mental mistakes draining your prize pot? Poker isn’t all about luck. Most players know that. You make your own success in this game, and much of that is down to your mental agility, stamina, and psychological skills.

Here are a few ways you can sharpen your mind to improve your gameplay. Look forward to bigger winnings and more enjoyment with these top tips.

1. Win or Lose, Just Keep Studying

You have a bad run. You close your sessions and you do everything you can to forget about your bad run. Or you ran well and you pocketed the cash, so you close your sessions and go out and play. You forget about what you did right. Studying and learning from your game is essential, whether you win or lose big. Studying your gameplay is a habit to encourage and something that can fit into your everyday life. It will ultimately help you learn lessons from whatever game you’ve played.

2. Keep it Social

Live poker used to be more social and you’d probably make a few friends along the way when attending tournaments. Nowadays, with online poker at a site like GGPoker UK, you are more of a lone wolf. And that creates a sense of loneliness. You don’t have to share your tips with everyone, but you can improve your mental resilience and your enjoyment of the game by brainstorming strategies and helping motivate each other to be better players.

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3. Manage Your Bankroll From the Start

Ah, you think. I’ll start paying attention to my money when I’ve started making some. You end up waiting for a big win in order to manage your bankroll. But you won’t be able to deal with the big stakes if your mindset isn’t straight on the small stakes. This management teaches your discipline and self-confidence, which in turn sharpens your mind for further success.

4. Trust Yourself

Ever caught yourself over-thinking a play? Did you know what to do but then talk yourself out of it? You make the call. You lose. Your brain is not always your best friend. Learn to trust yourself and don’t overthink the simple stuff. Also, never be afraid to make mistakes. You can easily analyze them later and learn from them.

5. Be Rested & Hydrated

Getting enough rest and drinking enough water seems like something your mother would tell you to do. But when it comes to online poker, it really helps promote your mental agility. Often the game is just too good to skip out on, even when you are propping your eyelids open with matchsticks. You end up at the table for hours longer than you should. You can’t always tell when you’re exhausted during play, since the adrenaline is taking over. It’s only when you make a mistake that costs you pride and money that you realize you are not as sharp as you thought.

6. Get Your Prep Sorted

You rush home from work, eager to fire up the laptop and start another session. You don’t take the time to wind down from the day. You then end up rushing your plays or making mistakes because your mind is still at the office. Take time to complete a mental warm up, just as you would warm up physically for a game of tennis. Disconnect from the working day or whatever is bothering you. And make sure you don’t forget your cool-down. You’ll need to spend some time getting out of the game before you start on the next thing.

Follow these tips and you may not be poker champion in a year , but you’ll certainly be a healthier, happier player all round.

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