Back to School Kit List for the Unorganised

Back to School for the Unorganised

So I have just started thinking about getting the school kit ready.  I try to get organised I really do, but it usually ends up with an idea, or even a list and I just never seem to find the time to get around to it. People being ready for back to school before the kids have even broke up bewilders me, and makes me panic that I have already left it too late. To be honest we have enjoyed the school holidays so much that I am not really ready for admitting they are ending. Thanks to online shopping though I can take a look at what I want for the kids once they are in bed, and have it all delivered to my door. I am sad to see that not all places have caught on to this though.

Back to School Kit List for the Unorganised

I struggle to find all the things I need in one place, so find a list I can tick off is much easier to follow. Especially useful when there’s children in different schools needing different things. So I thought I would make my list in a blog post this year – and then it will be easier for me to get more organised next year – would you help me check I have everything I need please?


When the children’s feet are small, they can grow so quickly so I like to go in and have their feet measured and shoes fitted. Even the same size shoe can vary greatly. By the time you have a sized 12 teenager you know that you have to pretty much go with what you can find. If you can get a size 12 then grab them. If anyone has knowledge of places with a good variety of size 12 (and by this I mean adult sizes) then please DO let me know. This does mean that online orders are easier.

Suitable black school shoes.

Football boots/Rugby boots (mine only play in PE so I buy a combined pair)


Trainers (I replace the ones they wear at home and have some to leave in school for the younger ones – daps for the very youngest).

Back to School Kit List for the Unorganised

My 11 year old needs white trainers for PE (so that they do not mark the floor). Trying to find ones that are all white was easy as I just looked at the JD Sports back to school range online and found a pair of Nike Air Max 90 Juniors in his size that are just perfect for the job. I am pleased to say that it was a quick delivery too – much easier that trawling through all the shops to find a pair. They were well packaged and signed for (so I did not need worry about them getting lost in delivery).


I think that this is a great time to have a full replacement of underwear. Not only is it then all fresh and clean for the new school year but you can make the switch to warmer ones with the changing season.



Socks (sport – white ones for PE and rugby socks if required)

Socks (black/grey).

I try to make it that the boys school socks are slightly different so I can tell which pairs belong to who. I am particularly liking the ones available with the sizing inside.

Main Uniform

The easiest bits to get usually – although I did find I had to go to two places to get the right size/colour combinations. Depending on the school you may be able to/or even have to purchase some directly from them. It is good to try it all on. Late organisers like me it’s not a problem, but if you do get organised and buy it in May (when it feels like it goes on sale) make sure it can be returned if they’ve outgrown it by September. Sometimes they don’t have the growth spurt you expected! I find this particularly happens with the trousers and generally hold back last years as emergency pairs.

Shirt or polo shirt





Back to School Kit List for the Unorganised

 Then there’s the decision of whether to wash it before the first time it is worn or not. I asked on social media and there seems to be a very mixed response. Then of course how you label it up – if you bother. Do you find they never get it back either way?


Socks (as above)



Rugby jumper

Rugby shorts

Cricket kit (white)

Swimming trunks





Back to School Kit List for the Unorganised

Again JD Sports had a great selection of kids school bags, and I went with the Adidas Originals Adi Sir Bag for my oldest. It is a slightly smaller bag than recent years but as he heads into year 13 he does not need to carry as much around. It has a couple of internal pockets and 2 extra outer pockets, as well as the main place – perfect for helping to organise his bits and pieces. It looks really smart, whilst still looking cool (if that is the right word to use these days!)

PE bag


Pencil, pens, sharpener, rubber, maths set (protractor, compass), crayons, ruler, pencil case


Dictionary – other specified books

Lunch box


Hat, scarf, gloves


Micro Scooters are a great way for getting to and from school. Make sure you Register your Micro Scooter. Do not worry  if it needs repairing as spare parts can easily be ordered, and are easily searchable by Scooter type. Or if you just fancy revamping your scooter there are plenty of things available for a fresh new look – from new handles (we went with new blue ones to match the scooter as it came with black),


brakes, replacement decks, lights (we went with this Frog Strobe which was really easy to attach)


 – all manner of things. Again simple to order and you can search by scooter type.


But a must have for us is the “attach it” – it does what it says it attaches things to the scooter. Whether that’s their bag so you do not have to carry it – or their favourite toy.


I received a pair of trainers and a bag, plus a £30 gift card to revamp our Micro Scooter. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Bizarrely, the most difficult thing for me to find this year has been plain white PE T-Shirts in the right size! All miles too wide, the few that I have found…. anyhow, good list, hope it helps you!

  2. Brilliant. Thought I was quite organised, got the uniform out to wash ready and my washing machine packed up today. Not happy!!

  3. I’m afraid I’m one who buys the uniform before the term ends! I do panic otherwise because it’s navy blue and the local shops stock only grey and black. I must also be the only mother who still sews name tags in. I can’t see the point of iron-on tags on the labels or stamping on the name. Whoever checks the label for the name?

  4. This is exactly what I need to bookmark for next year. I ran round in a panic last week getting everything in one day and it was really stressful!

  5. Great list. I too have a 11 year old with all white trainers on the list. I must confess I didn’t buy them, as I couldn’t find any, at least I know where to get them now, if I get into trouble!

  6. I have just realised how disorganised I am! In my defence, we are just starting nursery, so will see how things shape up as we go along.


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