Why Your Family will Love Splash Landings Hotel With Family Package – Good Idea for Run Alton Towers

We stayed in the Splash Landings Hotel with Family Package ready for Run Alton Towers 10K. When factoring in that it comes with free parking (which is actually already included with the race), breakfast, mini golf; tickets to the waterpark, and evening entertainment – it really isn’t that bad value.

Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel and Waterpark

Getting there and Parking

Last year we arrived in the morning and parking was a lot more difficult. As we had come up the night before this year it was after school (and evening meal) so a lot later. But this meant the journey up and into Alton Towers was much quicker. Of course then the only people in the car park were those staying that evening – as the ones from the night before had gone. This made things so much easier and less stressful – my husband said he would prefer to do this again next year.

Checking In to Splash Landings Hotel

You check in online and then they let you know when your room is ready. There was no sign of there being a cut off time to check in and you simply use one of the machines. You do need a card to pay a £5 returnable deposit and there was people around if you did not want to (or had trouble) use the machines.

rooms at Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel

There are then lifts or stairs to take you down to your rooms.

The Rooms

As you would expect from a Merlin Attraction the rooms had great theming throughout and all the usual hotel things like lights that can be controlled from various areas. There was also nice pretty coloured lights outside in the view from our window.

coloured lights outside room of splash landings hotel alton towers

The rooms have a double bed with a bunk bed in the same room, with a bathroom next door. Included were biscuits and hot drinks, activity books and crayons each for the children, shampoo, shower gel, all the towels, toilet paper, soap and also small plastic bags for any products that need to go in the bin.

There was also a wall fan which meant that our 16 year old could sleep (he struggles without one even in winter) – and actually the first time he has ever stayed over at a Merlin Hotel without being ill (I am now wondering if this is why!).

Family Package Contents at Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel

The family package was extra and included Alton Towers Monopoly, two small tubes of Pringles; a share pack of Cadbury dairy milk buttons twisted and a bottle of fizzy drink each. It is cheaper to buy this separately but it was just conveniently all ready for us in our room when we arrived. Also you can buy the Alton Towers Monopoly in there shop (£40) but I couldn’t find it to buy before we went.

Family Package at Alton Towers Splash Landings Hotel

Even though there’s evening entertainment provided it really isn’t our thing so we were much happier to settle down with a game of Alton Towers Monopoly. Even if I did start so well but ended up losing!

Breakfast at Splash Landings Hotel

Breakfast needs booking before you go. This wasn’t easy online and I ended up having to ring up. We had the 6:45-7:30am slot. It felt really early and they were 3 minutes later opening up. If there wasn’t another family there waiting we would have thought that we got the time wrong!

Alton Towers restaurant closed

It was much nicer getting our food and drinks though as there was much less of a queue. In fact when we were leaving there was quite a lot of people waiting to go in so we were glad we went early.

There was plenty there in terms of food and drink but not all the things that were available last year. Our son was disappointed that the only yogurt was plain for instance.

The Waterpark

Last year the waterpark was for use on the day you checked in and I wanted us to use it the day after. This time you get to choose. Unfortunately it closed before we could possibly arrive so we could only use it the day after. This actually worked in our favour because it meant that we were able to have a shower (in the waterpark) after the race (as hotel check out is 10am).

Alton Towers waterpark at Splash Landings Hotel

Going on the same day as the Run Alton Towers 10K did mean that there was less time for the rides though. Also because we used the Waterpark at the end of the day (so we didn’t have to travel backwards and forwards) it meant that the outdoor pool closed as we got there. Whilst I appreciate that it was safety as it had got dark, some previous warning would have been good so that we could have decided whether to come earlier or not.


We did not have time for the Mini Golf – but we did this last year anyway. Next year our youngest wants to run the 10K and our 16 year old wants to run both the 10k and the 5K! Luckily we have a discount code as an apology for the difficulties this year so we shall see!

Alton Towers Monopoly

Of course this meant it was a short walk to the start of Run Alton Towers 10K and therefore we had no problems being at the race on time.

Disclaimer I have previously worked with Merlin Attractions and received free entry to Run Alton Towers as a Pacer

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