The Queendom Within – Guide to More Energy & Rediscovery

I was sent a copy of, “The Queendom Within – Rewrite Your Fairy Tale and Create Your Own Happily Ever After” for review. It is written by Heidi Hauer. it aims to help you reclaim your energy and rediscover who you are. Here are my thoughts.

The Queendom Within

Who is The Queendom Within For

The Queendom Within is quite an interesting book. One for anyone who wants to give themselves a bit of self-care for whatever reason that may be.

Initially it felt like the book was very much for singles. Why was I even reviewing it! The content wasn’t that boring so I managed to keep on going. Then it became clear that actually it is useful for all.

Personally I think it is a great book for anyone in perimenopause. Either to help re-evaluate their lives or strengthen it. Although the book is written in terms of a romantic angle, when you get to the end you’ll realise that it is much more than that and it really is about how you must learn to love yourself. Then to nurture that love.

The Structure of the Book

When asked if I would like to review the book I was honest in the fact that I struggle to read books these days and may not complete it. However, I did finish the whole book and I believe this is due to,  not only it’s content, but also its structure.

It is broken down in several ways. First there is an introduction and how to use the book. Next there are four main parts. With extras after them.

Queendom within

Then the parts are broken down into steps. E are small manageable sections – all with beautiful illustrations and easy to follow exercises. There are also diamond challenges which are a little bit more.

Time Frame of Reading The Queendom Within

The Queendom Within is not a quick-read quick fix kind of thing. You need time to digest and put into action the exercises. Some you may just read, or you may want to fully embrace it all. Each person’s experience I feel would be unique.

It is definitely something you could nip in and out of. Revisiting as you grow, develop and change.

What does The Queendom Within Say?

The Queendom Within is based around the fact that within yourself is a Queen who can rule a palace. She can build it, protect it, and help it grow – all the time whilst keeping it safe. That that palace is a metaphor not only for yourself but all your dreams.

The Queendom Within does not tell you as such what to do – but how to look within yourself and discover what it is that works for you. It makes you think about your future as well as your present. Not just as a dream ahead, but in terms what advice you would give looking back.

reflect back what you'd like to tell yourself in the future

The Queendom Within inspires you to look at what is important. What makes a good use of your time and energy? What is it that makes you happy?

What You Need

For this book you really need to make time for yourself. Also you need to learn to relax and put yourself first.

Obviously you will also need some patience.

In practical terms a journal and some other creative materials would also be helpful.

My Thoughts

There is something about The Queendom Within that really propelled me to keep on going. Honestly, I didn’t think I was going to like it at first. Or that it was for me. After all, I am already happy with my Prince Charming.

For me, I guess it made me realise that I already do a lot of the things it suggests. That also as a single mother I was already doing quite a bit when I met my husband too: I have many strengths around making time for myself. Which allowed me to view them as just that. Taking away some of the “mum-guilt” of doing so.

Also that, as I mentioned above, I think the book can help me with my perimenopause. Helping me to think about what my dreams are now, or what could they be. Shaping a new stage of my life.

The Queendom Within is definitely a book I would recommend.

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