Newent parkrun – The One with The Bad Foot and First Finisher!

With my foot in a boot it was time to do some volunteering. I contacted Newent parkrun and asked them if it were possible to help whilst sitting down and they said yes. We had been to Newent parkrun before but not one that I had written up.

What I did remember was that it was a bit of a challenging course. Don’t let the “it’s just around a school” fool you! Although Sarah had got first female finisher the week before!

Newent parkrun

Newent Community School/Forest Leisure Centre, Watery Lane, Newent, Gloucester, GL18 1QF

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Information on Newent parkrun

Getting There

Newent parkrun was easy enough to find with the SatNav and we had been there before. However, it did try to take us down unnecessary country roads. Luckily, there was a big road closed sign so we turned around and went on a more “main road” route.

We went along the M50 but there are other routes. Note that getting off at junction 2 is quite tight and then there’s another right turn quite soon afterwards too!


There is plenty of free parking with Newent Community School grounds. From the carpark there is quite a slope to walk up to the meeting point and start. However, there is limited parking by the start for those with disabilities to avoid the hill.

Newent Community School

Other Things to Note

No dogs due to it being in a school playing field. Also you need to remove muddy footwear before going into the sports bar where the toilets and refreshments are.

Newent parkrun Course

Since Covid-19 Newent parkrun has had a slightly different course. As I was a marshal I can’t really explain it. If we go back again I will update this post.

the start of Newent parkrun

It is mostly on school playing fields and when we went quite muddy so the boys opted for trail shoes. There is a lap one and a lap two – but it isn’t two laps of exactly the same course. There is a sign I was told and I only had one person confirm with me whether they were going the right way!

Leading the Way

As is the easiest way of explaining to first timers there was mention of “follow the person in front!” I mean they tend to vanish on me and I get confused but I did wonder what would happen if you WERE the person in front!

first finisher token at parkrun

It happened to be that this was the case for us this week, with our son getting his first first finisher position. Luckily I happened to be talking to a Newent parkrun regular who helped our son understand where he was going – and he went to take a warm-up look around before parkrun began.

The only bit where I think he wasn’t quite right was the finish – where he was meant to go up the ramp but started going alongside it before I told him he was meant to be at the top. This is probably due to it being so boggy at the bottom.

Our Experience of Newent parkrun

Newent parkrun was very friendly. As a marshal it was really lovely to hear so many chatty voices go by. Plus of course everyone was so nice to me. Both before, during and after the actual parkrun.

parkrun volunteer when you have fractured your foot

A very inclusive parkrun with it saying on my instructions in big bold red letters how everyone should be encouraged “regardless of speed or ability.”

It was nice that others were also excited about our son on his first finisher. But also our other teen got his highest finishing position too!

highest finishing positions - despite running with his lace undone

Newent parkrun Stats

Event 493 saw 57 finishers. These ranged from 21:22 to 1:01:25. 28 of those were sub 30. With four people achieving a PB for Newent parkrun – 3 of those being my family members. The last time we came was on the old pre-covid course.

The highest age grade was 66.35% in the vw55-59 age category.

Average finish time overall for Newent parkrun by 16th March 2024 was 30:17.

Newent parkrun volunteers

Other parkruns nearby:

Ross on Wye (7.9m); Gloucester North (8.3m); Gloucester City (8.5m); Mallards Pike (11m); Tewkesbury (11.5m); Stonehouse (13.1m) and Cheltenham (14.2m)

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  1. Congratulations to your son! That is a fantastic achievement to be first finisher. Hopefully the first of many for him.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your seated volunteering and I hope you’re back to participating soon.
    Thanks very much for the mention too. x


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