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This is a post all about Tewkesbury Parkrun which you can find at GL20 5PG.

Tewkesbury Parkrun

Recently I have been writing about various Parkrun events. Since I have discovered the unofficial Parkrun 5k app it is making me want to take up more of the challenges. Knowing I am not the only one and that people are searching for information it makes sense to write up about the ones that we have been to.

About Tewkesbury Parkrun

Tewkesbury Parkrun is in the historic town of Tewkesbury which is just in Gloucestershire and not far from the Worcestershire border.

Tewkesbury Parkrun is prone to flooding so do check for cancellations.

Tewkesbury Parkrun

Photographs are often taken and can be found on Facebook


Located at the Vineyards next to the River Swilgate with a wonderful view of Tewkesbury Abbey. It is close to free car parking facilitates at the Rugby Club Carpark and a short walk from a bus stop (which also connects with a local train station, Ashchurch for Tewkesbury).

Tewkesbury Parkrun Course

Near the start are also a children’s play area and outside gym and basketball hoop.


There are toilets available at Gloucester Road Car Park – a five minute walk from the start line. Alternatively there are facilities at the local Wetherspoons, The Royal Hop Pole, if you wish to go for breakfast after the event.

Tewkesbury Parkrun Course

Tewkesbury Parkrun is a four lap route around the perimeter of a park. It is all on grass with two small inclines each time round. This means that it may get muddy and/or have puddles after rain.

Each lap begins and ends with a nice downhill.

Tewkesbury Parkrun downhill start

Who is Tewkesbury Parkrun Good For

Tewkesbury Parkrun is good for everyone. Fast runners, slower runners, barefoot runners, Jeffers, walkers, families. This is a friendly and inclusive Parkrun location.

This course is good for those running with young children as it is better for their joints. Also it is good for those who have young children who are over 11 and wish to run without an adult because it is a very visible course. Whilst it is possible to run with a pushchair this may not be achievable for everyone due to the final incline of each lap.

Tewkesbury Parkrun Stats as of 4th April 2023

  • Fastest Female Time: 17:44
  • Fastest Male Time: 15:22
  • Average Finish Time: 29:43
  • Best Age Graded Time Percentage: 93.33%
  • Average finishers per week: 76.3

Other Parkrun Courses Near Tewkesbury:

Cheltenham( 6.3m), King George V Playing Field (6.3m), Gloucester North (8.2m), Gloucester City (9.6m), Evesham (11.1m), Newent (11.5m), Kingsway (12.5m), Worcester (13.8m), Worcester Pitchcroft (15.1m), Stratford Park, Stroud (16.7m)

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