Jeffing Alerts on an Apple Watch with Maps

On a group I am in it was asked how to get Jeffing alerts with maps on an Apple watch. The way I have found a way to do this is by using the Intervals Pro App and then paying the one off fee of £6.99 to export this to Strava. Plus the payment also unlocks some other features too.

What is Jeffing

For those new to this Jeffing is just the term used for the Run/Walk technique used by Jeff Galloway. You literally run for a set period of time, followed by a set period of time walking; then repeat this over and over until you reach your distance, time running or destination. The run section isn’t meant to be a sprint but more a chatty pace.

How to Determine your Run/Walk Intervals

The length of the running and walking is based on your current pace and not how fast or far you may want to go. This is actually worked out by a magic mile – which essentially is running a mile evenly but as fast as you can.

When Jeffing was first a thing the walk intervals were longer. Since then Jeff has refined them through his experience (and research I guess) and said that 30 seconds walk is long enough. However, different people find different things work for them.

Jeffing is run in seconds and you will see the ratios like this 120:30; 90:30; 60:30; 30:30. The first part is the time running in seconds, followed by the time walking in seconds. Faster runners run for longer but still not really any more than for a maximum of 4 minutes at a time.

Jeffing Ratios based on your Magic Mile:

  • 8 minutes/mile then either do a 240:30 or a 120:15
  • 8 ½ minutes/mile then 360:30 or 120:23
  • 9 minutes/mile 120:30 or 80:20
  • 9:30-10:45minutes/mile 90:30, 60:20, 45:15, 60:30 or 40:20
  • 10:45-12:15 minutes/mile 60:30, 40:20, 30:15, 30:30 or 20:20
  • 12:15-14:15 minutes/mile 30:30, 20:20 or 15:15
  • 14:15-15:45 minutes/mile 15/30
  • 15:45-17 minutes/mile 10/30
  • 17-18:30 minutes/mile 8:30, 5:25 or 10:30
  • 18:30-20 minutes/mile 5/30, 5/25 or 4:30.

Some people prefer to walk more than they walk too, even at the faster speeds. It is really good to play around with the ratios and find what works for you. Remember a lot of running is mental not just the physical.

Setting up your Jeffing Alerts on your Apple Watch

You can set up Jeffing alerts with the Intervals Pro App on your Apple Watch at no cost. That way you can see if the App is right for you.

intervals pro app can be utilised for Jeffing
  • Step 1 – obviously download the app on to your Apple phone. You will need your phone to set it up but can leave your Apple phone at home for the workout itself.
  • 2 – Add New Timer. Under Workout Templates for will see one labelled Run/Walk workout.
Add Run/Walk Workout for Jeffing
  • 3 – Under where it says Apple Health Workout Tracking there’s a section that says “Work” – change this to the length of time you wish to run for.
  • 4 – Under recover set it for how long you wish to walk for.
  • 5 – The App does allow you to do fancy things where you change the ratio but for purposes of just setting it for Jeffing we are going to keep the same ratio throughout. Therefore, where it says number of interval sets make sure this says 1.
Jeffing app run and walk interval settings

Other Things to Set Up

You also need to set up the cycles to say until stopped and the cycle rest on zero. Optionally you can add a warm up and cool down, otherwise set them both to zero also.

Warning Alerts that the Jeffing is About to Change

You may want to decide if you want alerting that your alert is coming. Lately I am struggling so I like a little nudge that there’s only 5 seconds to go! This is under countdown alert time remaining. There’s also options on how this is delivered – I like a voice to tell me so it’s on text to speech.

The Run Interval

On the run interval you can have an alert to say you are half way – but I think for me this would be a bit much. It is all under the “work” screen. There’s options for heart rate and pace too – again I just have all these off currently and just use it for the basics of jeffing.

Jeffing work ratio and alert

The only thing I have ticked on is the alert. Personally I have gone for the Boxing Bell tone to warn me to start running again. I think this was something that was unlocked when I paid the extra money so that I could export to Strava. However, there are a lot of different tones to choose from even with just the free app.

The Walk Interval

It is exactly the same with the walk interval. This comes under recover. Personally I opted for the referee whistle to tell me that the run is over! Again I believe this was one of the extra sounds I unlocked.

recover section is the walk part of Jeffing on the app

Multiple Jeffing Timers

You can then name the timers what you wish. For me it made sense to label them as the ratios that they are. Then you can duplicate and edit the timers to make as many as you like. Next you can make and move them into folders.

Duplicate and share your Jeffing timers

Plus you can share Sharing timers with friends by taping the share icon on the timer screen.

Jeffing with Your Apple Watch

Then you simply open the Intervals Pro app on your watch, select your workout and press start. Or you can activate it with Siri (also to pause, resume and cancel).

Jeffing on an Apple Watch

When you have finished your Jeffing and pressed stop your Apple watch will show you the length of the timer; the date and time (both time of day for the start and end; plus how long it took); the distance covered and how many active calories.

More Information on Your Phone

Then if you go into the Intervals Pro app on your phone you will find more information – including export to Strava.

The Logbook

You will find your Logbook of previous runs and in them you will see:

  • The map of your workout route
  • The start and end time of your workout
  • How long was your workout (total time)
  • Active calories
  • Distance
Intervals Pro Logbook
  • Average pace (mine is in KMs) not sure if you can change that
  • Total steps
  • SPM (please can someone tell me what this is though please?!)
  • Average Heart rate
  • Splits
  • Finally details for every single run/walk segment

Note that unless you pay the one-off fee you will only be able to access your last workout. This will then be replaced by the next workout. Once you pay though it will unlock them and you will have access to them all.

Other Perks of the App you can use to do Jeffing with Your Apple Watch

  • You can also listen to music etc, as well as locking your phone.
  • Save your timers to the iCloud.

Have you used this app? I love that you can tweak the timers much more than I could with my Garmin Alerts. As they are changeable for both run and walk down to the very second you want them.

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  1. I’ve always wondered how you knew when to start walking, then start running again! I used to start and stop a timer when I was doing interval training for my marathons and it was so much trouble! Every time I did it I managed to make my music go off. I knew there had to be an easier way!
    This is also a really good explanation of jeffing for anyone who wants to give it a go. I’d never seen the ratios with the different paces before.


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