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Kingsway parkrun is one of two parkruns in Gloucestershire that begin with the letter K. I am actually surprised that they are both relatively small in numbers. However, there are 15 parkruns starting with the letter K in the UK. Either that or that there isn’t really as many letter chasers as perceived!

Kingsway parkrun Gloucester sign

Kingsway Sports Pavillion, Naas Lane, Gloucester, GL2 2SN

Event 387

Kingsway parkrun Event 387 was with Run Director Amanda and her team of excellent volunteers. Thank you for all giving up your time for 229 of us today!

Kingsway parkrun was the first parkrun I ever Jeffed. Jeffing is a run/walk technique that is set to times. This was back on February 29th 2020 and my husband had never been. With it being such a hot day we didn’t want to travel far so this made it the perfect destination!

watch alerts for jeffing half marathon sub 2 hrs training plan

About Kingsway parkrun

The Kingsway parkrun course page is full of lots of information – including the history details of the area.

Parking and Facilities

  • Kingsway parkrun is at the Kingsway Sports Pavillion. Here any personal belongings can be stored (at your own risk). There are also toilets, changing and shower facilities too.
  • There is also tea and coffee and cake – made by the volunteers (see below for more information on the cake!!)
  • Around Kingsway park there is also a children’s play area, skate park, BMX track and outdoor gym equipment.
  • There are parking facilities at the Sports Pavillion and more across the road at the ASDA. There is even a zebra crossing to get safely across. ASDA also have toilets and a café – but the latter was closed.
zebra crossing by Kingsway parkrun
  • It also really isn’t all that far (by car at least) to the local McDonalds at Gloucester Hardwick.

First Timers and Tourist Information

A very clear first timers and main briefing. It was loud enough for people to hear and I don’t actually recall anyone talking over it.

As well as making sure everyone knew everything (especially first timers) – such as parkrun rules, there was clear guidance on the structure of the course – including keeping left and being aware of other park users.

This also included making sure we were aware that they had a defibrillator, where it was, and to make people aware if they may require it.

no barcode no result at parkrun

Also we were asked to line up at the start dependent on the time we expected to finish. We were also informed that it was a no spitting course. That it isn’t nice for other users or the marshals.

Talking of marshals there were lots of them – all giving out plenty of support throughout the course.

Information Board

Kingsway parkrun had a white board where, as you’d expect, milestones and tourists could be added. But what seemed even more important than that was what the cakes of the day were! There was a choice of flapjack, banana and choc chip granola muffins, Cherry Bakewell and raspberry and cream meringues.

The Summer Course at Kingsway parkrun

It was the night after the aurora borealis had been putting on a spectacular display! So what better time to move onto the summer course!

Kingsway parkrun summer course is 3 laps. It is on a mixture of asphalt path, gravel aggregate and grass. A lot of it was out in the open but a small section was in the shade. Again a lot of the course is quite wide, accommodating numerous runners, however, some parts are narrower. It was possible for a runner with a side-by-side double pushchair however!

Kingsway parkrun finish

This course is dog friendly, but as per parkrun rules (only one per person, on a short hand-held lead).

My Experience of Kingsway parkrun

Everyone at Kingsway parkrun was really friendly. Everyone I spoke to was nice and helped with any questions I had (like where best to leave my water). Also it was not a problem for me to be added as the Report Writer at the last minute.

I wore my Mr Men Tikiboos today and there were lots of others in various Tikis too: Obviously we were all then commenting on each other’s. I did brave not wearing a vest top because it was just too hot.

Jeffing at Kingsway parkrun

As it was really hot I did start quite far back. It was quite crowded but I decided to let people around me know that I would be stopping to walk every minute before we started. When it came to the first walk segment I figured that I could potentially walk as fast as the crowd was moving anyway and so it didn’t seem that difficult.

Pinkoddy jeffing at Kingsway parkrun standing by the sign

As I said some parts were narrower and you had a gate to go through that slowed you down if within a crowd. Given the heat though sometimes it was nice to have a reason to pause a bit.

At the start I managed to get in front of a lady running with a double pushchair. But right near the end on the narrow part she got in front of me on my walk. Despite the heat though I did manage a sprint finish.

Kingsway parkrun summer course finishes across the grass so there was lots of space for people to finish at a variety of paces. I did see two men racing for a finish position a lap before me too!

Kingsway parkrun Stats

  • 229 participants (123 male and 104 female) came to Kingsway parkrun on a very sunny May 11th.
  • Times ranged from 16:59-58:26. With128 achieving a sub 30!
    • By event 387 the overall average time at Kingsway parkrun was 29:51.
Kingsway parkrun stats
  • The highest age grade was a very incredible Tracy HINXMAN with 90.33% (VW50-54) in a time of 18:47!
    • She indeed looked incredible as she lapped me! And was also really polite when having to ask people if they could please move to the left!
  • There were 10 people brand new to parkrun – who got a clap and a cheer – welcome.
  • With 46 first timers to Kingsway parkrun. Tourists came from Barry Island, Worcester, Cheltenham, Tewkesbury, Barking, Surrey, Northampton, Bourton and Bridlington.
    • In fact some of the Barry lot had done the trial run for Cycle Route 43 where we attended last week!

Other Nearby parkrun Courses I have written about:

Gloucester City (2.9m); Gloucester North (4.3m), Stonehouse (4.8m), Stratford Park, Stroud (5.4m), Newent (9.3m), Cheltenham (10.4m) and Tewkesbury (12.5m)

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  1. It sounds like another very friendly parkrun. I haven’t done Kingsway yet. It’s probably the one closest to home that we haven’t done, so we really should make the effort to get there!
    Tracey Hinxman’s age grading is incredible! I know I’ve come across her at other local parkruns too.


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