Ross-on-Wye Parkrun Tourism: On The Square Number Event 121

We headed on over to Ross-on-Wye parkrun for their event 121. Some of you may realise that this was also a square-number event. It was a last minute decision as we were initially going to go further away but decided that it wasn’t a good idea to do so.

Ross-on-Wye Parkrun Course

Course A is mainly on grass (believe so is the other one but only going on what I have done). I imagine this can get rather muddy, especially as it is alongside the river. Described as entirely on grass but those who want a completely accurate description there was this tiny bit where it wasn’t (where it goes upwards ever so slightly). Either that or I was just delirious from the heat!

large field as part of Ross-on-Wye Parkrun

Talking of the up it is pretty much flat – with a real lovely flat sprint finish opportunity.

nice flat sprint finish opportunity at ross-on-wye parkrun

Again for those who want a completely honest description between about 3.5km and 4km there are some ever so slight inclines (you know if a blind-runner needed to know).

There is a bit where it goes around children who were playing football. Quite good fun to see one runner kick their ball back.

Ross-on-Wye Parkrun course

There are two courses for if the first one is flooded. We arrived late and missed the first timers briefing so not sure how the first course is explained but I knew that course B is two laps which helped me (because you go past the finish once before you go through it). But our youngest didn’t like my explanation of it being two laps as he doesn’t wear a watch and it isn’t two of the same.

Also both myself and my husband who ran with smart watches found it to be bang on 5km!

Parking and Toilet Facilities

You need to know which course is being used for the parking – as there’s quite a difference in distance as to where you need to get to for the start. Pretty sure it is £1 all day charge in both car parks but cannot be sure on either of them as we ended up having to park in a layby! Again because of this I couldn’t actually tell you how much parking there is.

What I can tell you is that the car park at Wilton car park has a barrier which meant we couldn’t get through with a roof box on the top of our car. One is 1.85m and the other is 2m.

height restricted barrier parking for Ross-on-Wye Parkrun

There are toilet facilities at Ross Sports Club – where it begins and ends (at least for the course we did).

My Experience

There were people waiting at the entrance which made it easier to spot. Directions had mentioned the garage on the roundabout which also made things easier. Unfortunately, we missed the first timers briefing, this was more to do with us running late initially rather than just our issues with parking.

ross-on-wye parkrun course under shade

This is a small parkrun, this was reflected in numbers under 100 despite the significant event number. The weather may have also factored in here. However, even if numbers got significantly bigger because of the amount of field I am sure it would take it okay.

Jeffing at Ross-on-Wye Parkrun

As a Jeffer I was firstly really pleased to hear a discussion between two participants as to whether someone was Jeffing today. Well done to Joan on her sprint finish at the end! There were the odd parts where I couldn’t really overtake – not without being annoying and walking again. Also there was just one time when I asked if I could get by – and they were super friendly about it. Thank you.

Pinkoddy at ross-on-wye parkrun

Parkrun Tourism Challenges at Ross-on-Wye Parkrun

For attending Ross-on-Wye Parkrun I ticked off R on the Alphabeteer challenge, an R on the Pirates Challenge – as well as 15 for Cowell, Tourist and Freyne and my Square Number for event 121. Not forgetting the date bingo too!

parkrun tourism challenges at ross-on-wye

Overall Thoughts

All in all it was a nice course. Seemed well organised and very friendly. It just may be useful to put about the vehicle height restriction on the parkrun page. We were delighted to have the option of purchasing ice-cream afterwards – a bargain at just £1 each.

Plus they kindly took finishing photos of us all and pointed out that it was a speedy teen’s 150th parkrun. He came 12th.

parkrun token 12

Thank you to all the volunteers, and friendly participant. Especially the volunteer who offered me water just before 4km! Not forgetting Graham Nicholson who was on his 50th volunteering!

Ross-on-Wye Parkrun Stats

Whilst looking at this week’s stats I think you need to bear in mind that this is a very open course on a very hot day. The week we attended there were 90 participants ranging from 19:11 to 50:49. Of those 50 were through in under 30 minutes.

There are an average 101.9 finishers per week, with an average finish time of 31.10. The female course record was 18.23 and the male 15.40. The age graded record was 90.01%.

Forest of Dean (7.2m), Newent (7.9m), Chippenham Playing Fields, Monmouth (9m), Mallards Pike (9.3m), Hereford (12.1m), Lydney (13.5m), Kingsway (15.1m), Gloucester City (15.4m), Gloucester North (15.6m), Berkeley Green (15.9m)

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