The Traitors Card Game Special Edition Explanation and Review

Following on from the hit BBC Series, hosted by Claudia Winkleman, Ginger Fox have introduced The Traitors Card Game. You’ve seen the show, now you can play the game at home. I was sent a sample to review.

The Traitors Card Game

About The Traitors Card Game

Much like the game AmongUs, you build alliances and dodge backstabs as you uncover the traitors as you journey through the game.

This 2023 special edition card game may not be set in a beautiful castle in the Scottish Highlands but is still perfect for both casual game nights and lively holiday parties!

The Gift of Suspense, whether you’re searching for the ultimate stocking stuffer or planning a memorable games night. Do you have what it takes to outwit your fellow players and survive to the end in this ultimate test of trust and treachery?

The Aim of The Traitors Card Game

Secretly play the role of FAITHFUL or TRAITOR whilst working together to build up a central pot of gold. The Faithful must identify and banish the Traitors in their midst to win a share of the gold. The traitors must stay undetected until the end so that they can steal the prize fund.

prize fund The Traitors Card Game

The Traitor

Each player is assigned a role, with one of you being given the poisoned chalice and secretly becoming The Traitor of the group. They then need to trick fellow players into thinking you’re one of the Faithful. Also a lot like in the game Secret Hitler!

The Faithfuls

The job of the Faithfuls is to eliminate all The Traitors – banishing them with their vote whilst avoiding being murdered by The Traitors (this can be singular or plural). But also they need to make sure that the other Faithfuls believe that they are one of them!

Game Set up of The Traitors Card Game

When you open The Traitors Card Game the cards are in two packs – these do not need to be kept separately. For me the best thing to do was to take all the cards out and organise them as per on the sheet (see image below).

setting up The Traitors Card Game

Event Selector Cards Set Up

Next take the Event Selector cards. These are “quiet night,” “banishment,” and “murder.” There are optional digital features that really immerse you into the world of The Traitors in your own home. If playing digitally set aside these cards, they are not needed.

However, if playing the non-digital play version then shuffle them and face them down on the table. This then forms the “Event Deck.”

The Traitors Card Game Event Deck

These are selected when an “Event Card” is drawn. There are eight Event Cards and they have a picture of an owl with the moon in the background on them. These cards go in the “Game Deck.”

Players Hand for The Traitors Card Game

Next you want to make up each players hand. First give them a number each using the number cards. This should be placed face up on the table so that it is clear for everyone to see.

Game Deck

Then take all the dagger, shield and gold cards and shuffle them. This is the beginnings of the “Game Deck.” Deal each player three cards each from this pile and place them face down.

Finally take the appropriate number of role cards for players, including the Traitor role card (all green with white writing). Shuffle these and give one facedown to each player.

The Traitors Card Game Players hand

The players can now look at their cards but must be careful not to show them to anyone else.

Game Deck Set Up for The Traitors Card Game

After that you want to take the Game Deck Traitor Card (with a dark hooded shadow of a figure with the moon in the background) and shuffle it into the Game Deck created above.

inviting a second Traitor

Next slot in evenly the “Event Cards” – which are the ones with an owl and moon on and put the Final Banishment card at the bottom of the deck.

Also you will need a pen and paper to keep the scores of total gold for each player for each round. If playing the non-digital version you will also need pen and paper for murder and banishment rounds. Make sure that the pens are the same colour (and that the paper is all the same too).

How to Play The Traitors Card Game

The player to the left of the dealer goes first. On each turn the top card from the game deck is drawn. If it is an event card it is played immediately. Any other card is added to the hand.

Playing the Event Cards in The Traitors Card Game

Every time an event card is drawn, there could be a murder or banishment. Players need to make sure they’re not the victim of either. Whenever a murder comes up, someone will die, so the Faithful need to work together to find out who is working against them.

Quiet Night

Nothing happens and the next person takes their turn as normal.


All discuss who you think the Traitor or Traitors are. Then each select the number of the person digitally or write it down. Each reveal who you have put and the majority verdict banishes that player. In the event of a tie you repeat the process with just those who have tied.

banished player

The banished player is eliminated from the round and must discard their cards. Finally they must reveal their role.


Someone is murdered. Unless the murdered person can defend themselves with a protection shield they are out of the round. They must discard their cards and reveal their role.

Traitors can murder the other Traitor too, in order to protect themselves. Obviously as there’s only two Traitors in this game that would reveal that a Traitor has murdered a Traitor and that there is only one left!

Digital Murder

Even if there are two Traitors only one person is murdered. Digitally players press the F button if they are Faithfuls and the Traitor or Traitors put in the number of the player they wish to murder. It only counts the first Traitor’s choice.

Non-Digital Murder

If playing non-digitally then each player writes on a piece of paper either an F (if they are Faithful) or the number of the person they wish to be murdered (if a Traitor). These are then folded up and thrown into the game box. It is important that everyone has the same coloured pens and paper so that the Traitor cannot be identified this way.

Then the person who drew the Event Card opens the papers one at a time until a number is revealed. The other slips are then discarded unopened so that is not revealed if there is a second Traitor.

Shield Cards

Shield cards will prevent you from being murdered. Play the card and then discard it. Traitors can murder each other so do not be fooled into thinking that someone is Faithful just because they played a Shield card!

Traitor tries to murder but player has the protection shield

After an event card has been played the player who drew it draws another card and takes their turn. Unless of course they have been murdered or banished! The next player then takes their turn in a clockwise direction.

Cards Played in The Traitors Card Game

After taking a card from the Game Deck players can play a card from their hand. They can also discard cards as long as they have 3 left in their hand.

Gold Cards

Gold cards can be played on to the communal prize fund, or you can keep them in their hand for their own personal score. At the end of the round whoever succeeds will win the prize fund.

Dagger Cards

Dagger cards can be used to blackmail other players. You do this by naming the player and demanding to see their cards. You can even take a card if you want but you cannot take the Traitor Card. You cannot say what you see. I am unsure if this includes their role card.

The Traitors game dagger card

If you take a dagger card from a player’s hand you can blackmail them again or use it to blackmail another player. You must discard the dagger card once used.

Remember this knowledge puts you at risk of being murdered.

Traitor Card

If you are a Faithful you can decide whether you want to become the second Traitor or remain Faithful. If you become a Traitor you can then murder and not be murdered! For this option just secretly keep the card.

However, if you wish to remain Faithful you must publically discard the card. As those who are already Traitors have to do this too then other players now may think that you were already a Traitor and this will risk you being voted out in the event of a banishment!

Remember that you must have 3 cards in your hand at the end of every turn.

Final Banishment Card

The Final Banishment Card must be played immediately and will end the round. This is the last chance to eliminate Traitors before the game ends. The remaining roles will be revealed.

The Traitors final banishment

Round Ending

The round ends in one of three ways.

  1. When only 2 players remain
  2. That all players have agreed that all the Traitors have been eliminated
  3. When the Final Banishment Card is played

When the round ends those who remain discard their cards, except for any gold. Their gold is then added to their personal totals. Count the gold in the prize fund. Reveal each players’ role. If only Faithful remain their share the gold evenly. Disregarding odd numbers.

However, if any Traitors remain they steal all the gold.

Starting a New Round and Ending the Game

Repeat the whole set up again. The game ends when you complete the agreed number of rounds. The winner is the one with the most gold.

Digital Vs Non-Digital Thoughts

Personally I think we are all on screens too much so prefer to use the opportunity of playing card games to get away from them a bit. Things that I do see as an advantage playing The Traitors Card Game digitally are the fact that you do not need to source paper and pens. Also that there is no problems with how people’s writing looks – for instance a F and a 4 may look similar in the event of a murder! Not to mention that there’s less room for error or whether someone is a Faithful or Traitor being accidentally revealed (such as the paper blowing over at the wrong time).

The Special Edition The Traitors Card Game also has a code to scan for special features.

  • 4-8 players
  • Aged 8 years and over.

The Traitors 2023 Special Edition Card Game Costs £11.99 from

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