Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Review

Today is the day of the physical release of everyone’s favourite, cheeky blue character SONIC THE HEDGEHOG: The action-packed adventure that’s fun for the whole family! Read on for a full review and an activity booklet for the kids! Initial Thoughts on Sonic the Hedgehog Movie Movies based on video games are hard to do … Read more

Earth Day at Home

Earth Day is more poignant than ever during this Corona-Virus outbreak as we can really see the difference slowing down is making to the Earth. In order to help keep the Earth in our thoughts after lockdown there are things we can think about and discuss right now – making changes where we can. Looking … Read more

My Spy Movie (2020)

My Spy Movie

Advanced Screening Review of My Spy My Spy Movie – The Plot My Spy sees JJ a hardened CIA operative (played by Dave Bautista, probably best known for playing Drax one of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) almost completely blowing a mission so ends up demoted by his boss (Ken … Read more