LEGO Christmas Decorations – Inspiration With Bricks you Already Own!

Christmas is a fantastic time to get creative and what better way than by utilising the LEGO you already have! We are really big LEGO fans in this house so it will come as no surprise that we love LEGO Christmas Decorations. You can be really creative, follow instructions, or even adapt them to make the LEGO Christmas decorations your own.

Scene with LEGO Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Father Christmas and Candy Cane

LEGO Christmas Decorations

When it comes to making LEGO Christmas Decorations there are many people sharing the ideas on the internet, so it is hard to really credit any individual. I do have a LEGO Christmas Board on Pinterest where you can trace back to see where I have been inspired by though.

Before making LEGO Christmas Decorations you can decide how you are going to tackle things. You can approach this in a number of ways ranging from being totally inventive just sitting in a pile of mixed LEGO, letting your creative juices flow, to sorting out every single piece you will need for your LEGO Christmas decoration before you start to build.

Personally I went in between the two and have sorted our LEGO into colours, then there’s a little box (recycled from containing sweets last Christmas) which has lots of small pieces (again organised by colour).

LEGO Christmas Tree Decorations

LEGO Christmas Tree Decorations

Simply buy empty balls for the tree (sold for adding photographs in) and take out the cardboard. You can either just but in some matching (or if you prefer a variety) of LEGO; OR you can add a Christmas Figure or favourite character, securing with some Blue Tac, and fill with artificial snow – before sealing. The best thing about these is you can really customise them for your colour scheme or theme of your tree. As you can see we went with a red theme.

Making LEGO Snowflakes

LEGO snowflakes step by step instructions

For the LEGO Snowflakes the boys sat in a pile of white LEGO searching for the pieces they fancied – giving them the option to also get a bit more creative. The children were just told that snowflakes are symmetrical so that they needed to be the same on each side.

The two designs that they came up with were: One with a triangle and the other a hexagon centre. Next, for both sets of snowflake, there made 6 identical spindles, which came off the main body (two off each point of the triangle and one for each point of the hexagon). There is the option with these to add string and hang them on the tree.

Table LEGO Christmas Decorations

Of course the LEGO Christmas Decorations do not just have to be to hang on the tree. You could even design things to go with custom built LEGO sets.

lego winter village

We also built some of the festive ideas based on the LEGO 24 in 1 set (40222). We had bought this set last year when somehow we were a LEGO advent calendar short! We then just improvised with the pieces (as they have since been lost and you can’t actually build everything at once with the set).

The ideas from the LEGO 24 in 1 set can just stand on the table, window sill, bookshelf, desk, etc. We just made the ones that looked festive and we did adapt them by using LEGO that we had to hand. This included:

The LEGO Christmas Present

This is probably the easiest to make. We decided to change the colour and size of the present. Simply you need a base, a middle and a top all of the same size in thin LEGO (the middle piece can actually be made up of smaller pieces). Then you simply need to make a cross that is in the centre of the LEGO with the colour that you are using to represent the ribbon, fill in the other spaces with your present colour on two layers – with the thin pieces in-between the layers and at the top and bottom.

To make the bow on the top you just need one square and then 4 sloping pieces placed so that they slide into the square.

The LEGO Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

LEGO rudolph the red nose reindeer

To make a LEGO Reindeer you need a base for it to stand on. The instructions use a 2 by 4 green piece. Then you need 4 studs as feet, 4 legs and a body. Here we didn’t have pieces that curved underneath but used a standard 2 by 4 brick. Next add a flat piece that is 2 by 3, and on top of that 2 lots of 2 by 2. Again we didn’t have the right piece so just found something that we thought could resemble a tail! Then added a slopping brick to join it all together.

Next using flat 2 by 2 add them on to the front of the reindeer (away from said tail) to extend the animal out). Then add a piece which allows you to fix a nose on. We changed this to be a red nose! Then add the bit for, and including, the eyes (we couldn’t find our eye LEGO so just used sparkly blue circles). Finally add on some antlers by adding on a long piece across the top of the head and some pieces that stick out! You can also change the colours depending on how creative you want to be, or in our case – depending on the availability of your LEGO. For visual instructions do see tehe 24 in 1 box.

The LEGO Christmas Candy Cane

LEGO Christmas Candy Cane

Another really straight forward LEGO Christmas Craft with a few bricks. Take a thin red one square for the bottom and then add a one square white and then a one square green – on top of one another. Next you need a red piece that has circle bits to attach 2 small sloping pieces to (one each side) – then add on a white square, followed by a green and a flat red. Across the top place a 3 square white and underneath it attach a flat red and under that a one green. And you are done!

A LEGO Father Christmas

lego father christmas on a bridge with a snow covered christmas tree in the background

Take a flat red square and add 2 normal one squares with bits on the sides to attach (arms). In front of them add the same type of squares but in black and with the bits to attach pieces at the front.  On the top of them place a thin 2 by 2 square piece. Then one of those 2 pieces that have a circle in the middle so that you can attach a one circle piece (attach said circle piece). Next make the beard by using a 3 by 2 flat piece and add two sloping white pieces at the front and 4 flat 1 by 1s.

Then, at the back, add 2 normal 1 cube pieces. Attach this to the body. He then needs some eyes – we only had white pieces and blue circles again (see above) for the eyes – these are placed in the gap between the white squares at the back and the eyes. For the LEGO Father Christmas Hat take a flat 2 by 3 and add one flat 1 x 2 with studs in the middle and two sloping red ones either side.

To finish it off add a smooth flat red piece to cover the studs. Place on Father Christmas’ head to the one side. Next sit him on a base with two black pieces which stick out at the front for his shoes. Finally add arms by using flat 2 by 2s with a smooth one square in red and one in white on top, for each arm. Push them on to his body. The instructions said to add presents but we omitted these. Again for the full visual instructions see the 24 in 1 kit.

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