LEGO Christmas Decorations

Scene with LEGO Rudolph the red nose reindeer, Father Christmas and Candy Cane

Christmas is a fantastic time to get creative and what better way than by utilising the LEGO you already have! We are really big LEGO fans in this house so it will come as no surprise that we love LEGO Christmas Decorations. You can be really creative, follow instructions, or even adapt them to make … Read more

Christmas Tree Decorations

Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas Tree Decorations

I made these Christmas Tree Decorations with my two youngest children and I would say that they are almost mess free, suitable for toddlers and really allow the imagination to be utilised. Materials needed for a Christmas Tree Decoration Screwball ice-cream containers (empty and washed – what an excuse to eat ice-cream!) Crete paper – … Read more

Christmas Decorations Children can Make

The build up to Christmas is such an exciting time. I like to build this further with Seasonal Crafts. Here are some simple ideas. Snowmen Simply get some cotton wool, coloured paper for hats and scarves, find a free-printable snowman face and then just glue them on to an old toilet roll holder. If you … Read more