Christmas Craft: Snowmen Paper Plate Masks

On the run up to Christmas why not excite your Children with some Christmas crafts – and keep them busy over the school holidays. Here is a simple Snowman mask you can make from a paper plate – or just leave it as art.


All you need is some crepe paper in black, orange and red (although any paper will do).

A paper plate

Some glue


You can either cut out the shapes yourself (Some eyes, nose, mouth, hat, pipe, scarf – or anything else you fancy) so that the children can just glue them on (tbh my youngest is a bit  small for scissors, my 4 year old a bit impatient and my 8 year old – well he’d just cut it up so there were lots of little bits) – or you can allow  trust your children to be careful with the scissors.


You can either have a tub of sticky glue in the middle, have glue sticks to share, or one each. Some supermarkets do nice cheap glue sticks. Bear in mind that they are mainly glueing.


Simply stick on the pieces.




They can either be used as a mask

you could glue or sellotape a lollipop stick to the back.


Or you can whole punch them and thread some string through to either hang them on the tree, or make a long line of them and use them as bunting.

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