School Summer Holidays during Corona Virus

The school summer holidays are really odd this year. It is actually the first time in years that it is truly the holidays because whilst we were home educating we had kept work going throughout, even if that meant just the twice weekly sessions with Explore Learning. But with our youngest returning to school in … Read more

Rugby with the School

Our son has become very passionate about playing rugby since playing for the first time with the school and it all feels like it happened very quickly. I for one knew absolutely nothing about rugby but this is what I have encountered so far. Rugby boots are not the same as football boots One minute … Read more

Are you Interested in Working with Children?

woman working with child

This is a partnered post. One of the most difficult decisions we have to make early on in our lives is what we want to do in terms of a career. If you are yet to decide what you want to do specifically, yet you know you want to work with children, you have many … Read more

Advice for Camping with Children for the First Time

child's welly in puddle of water

Camping with children is such an adventure and a great way to take a holiday at a more affordable price whether staying at home or going abroad. However with around 15 million of the camping trips in 2017 being in the UK (Based on ONS and Mintel data), it seems that may more of us … Read more

Is it Safe for a Child to have a Mobile at School?

Top Tips for Keeping Your Child Mobile Safe at School

Should Children have Mobile Phones in Schools? As technology becomes more and more prevalent in our children’s lives it is likely that you will come to a point where you consider whether or not to let your child have a mobile phone in school. But with all the safety issues associated with mobile phones in … Read more

Taking Control of Children’s Viewing Habits

Taking Control of Children's Viewing Habits

Let’s be honest children take up a lot of time and you cannot be there all the time to monitor what they do. Sometimes it is good to have a few things around to give you a helping hand and one of the biggest problems parents currently face is that of too much screen time. … Read more

Livestock Festival for Children

livestock festival for children

Livestock 2016 was my children’s first time at a music festival and what an amazing place to take them for such a memorable experience! Why Livestock Festival is great for Children Livestock Festival was absolutely perfect for such a variety of audiences but we took along our youngest two children who are ages 7 and … Read more

Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

For us the School Summer Holidays begin this week and it is always to have a bit of a plan in mind. We have a few trips out planned, lazy days are a must and, of course some things to stop the children going complete brain-dead over the break. Keeping the brain ticking over Whether … Read more