Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

For us the School Summer Holidays begin this week and it is always to have a bit of a plan in mind. We have a few trips out planned, lazy days are a must and, of course some things to stop the children going complete brain-dead over the break.

Keeping the brain ticking over

Whether it is getting the children doing puzzles, crafts, science experiments, maths or just a bit of colouring I try to have a few activities which mean that they won’t complete stop thinking over the holidays! It isn’t just children who benefit from these activities and it is great to do them together. Cardooo have recognised that adults still love the things that they did as kids so have introduced cards for adults to colour. You can send them blank for the recipient to colour, or colour a bit yourself to make them more personalised.Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

Summer Reading Challenge

I like to get the boys to keep up their reading over the holidays and the library’s summer reading challenge is always a good way to do this. Basically they need to have read 6 books over the break – but there isn’t a set length they have to be. My 8 year old is a very able reader so I am going to start him off with reading A Ghost Called Dog by Gavin Neale. This is a thrilling adventure, full of mystery, magic and spooky fun aimed at those ages 8-12 years old. The book encourages children to learn problem-solving skills, deal with challenges and find their potential. A grown-up structured book with a Prologue and epilogue and 22 chapters each with their own title – and the only imagery on the front of the book, a tree on each chapter and on the back, and built up in the imagination.Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

The story is about the strange things that happen when two children, Abby and Chris, move home and get more than they bargained for. With spooky goings on, they are forced to confront an ancient evil and defeat a Fairy King in order to rescue their mother.

ISBN: 978-1-910077-78-8

RRP £6.99

Rainy Days

Indoor Games

Of course we are bound to have a lot of rain and this can mean a lot of indoor time where my boys just want to play computer games all day. I can entice them off with games such as Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess, playing Lego and they love Trading card games.Learn to Play Pokémon Review and Giveaway

Watching Films

We loved Finding Dory (and there’s great activities to go alongside the film with Change4Life) and Ice Age: Collision Course: I can definitely recommend them as films to go and see. But it is always nice to snuggle up in front of an old DVD – we are watching Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2.


My boys love to cook – especially cakes, but anything really. I am sure we will spend some time furthering their skills. I may even learn a thing or two this year too as it turns out that my boy who is turning 13 next week is somehing of a chef! See their Minecraft cakes 

Getting outdoors

Fresh air and exercise is very important and for those who are not old enough or into Pokemon Go other ways to encourage them outside need to be found. Easy enough if we have sunny weather – water guns and paddling pools usually do the trick. To burn off a bit more energy, and/or if it is wet weather my boys like nothing more than a trip to the forest. This summer the Forestry Commission have the Stickman Games alongside the Stickman trail. The Stickman activity packs contain a whole load of ideas from making a bib, to champion breakfast ideas, to exercises, of course game ideas, and even how to make a medal plus there’s a certificate – all based around The Stickman.Things Planned for the Summer Holidays

Or how about canoeing  and don’t forget National Play Day 

Merlin Annual Pass

We will of course be using our Merlin Annual passes – we have already done Blackpool and Legoland Windsor a fair bit. Hoping to go to Thorpe Park for the new ride and my son wants to go to Alton Towers with just his friends.

Overnight Camping

Of course we will be doing the Zombie Survival Weekender again and this year we are also camping at The Livestock Festival. We have bought 2 separate, much smaller, tents this year so hoping it will make our experience more successful.Youth and Family Zombie Survival Event

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I received some of the above mentioned products, services, or experiences free of charge. All words and opinions are honest and my own.

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  1. Some brilliant ideas, thank you! I am particularly jealous of your livestock festival weekend, that will be incredible! We love the Merlin attractions too, great idea to get an annual pass for them all.


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