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Blackpool is a great place to go for a holiday if you like entertainment. You cannot miss the glitz and glamour – I can imagine it could end up being a very expensive place to stay. I recently returned from Blackpool on a Sun £9.50 holiday with my family and thanks to my Merlin Annual Passes (disclaimer I paid every penny for them!) it was a really cheap break away and there was even more things we could do that we covered than we imagined!

Blackpool Tower

Blackpool Tower is amazing – did you know that it takes 7 years to paint it?! It houses so many amazing attractions covered by our Merlin Annual Passes.

The Blackpool Tower Eye

This experience begins with a 4D cinema, before taking a 380ft trip up The Blackpool Tower – before being let out and decide if you will brave the 5cm thick viewing platform (which the children delighted on jumping on!).There are then several floors you can brave going up higher, with stunning views all around.


Non Merlin Pass Prices

  • The Blackpool Tower Eye: Adult (15+) £13.50 (£10.50 online), Child £10.50 (£8.00 online) and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £43.00 (£34.00 online).
  • The Blackpool Tower Eye & The Blackpool Tower Circus: Adult (15+) £25.00 (£20.00 online), Child (3-14) £19.50 (£16.00 online) and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £80.00 (£72.00 online), Toddler (1-2) online price £5.95.
  • The Blackpool Tower Eye & The Blackpool Tower Dungeon: Adult (15+) £25.00 (£20.00 online), Child (3-14) £19.50 (£16.00 online) and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £80.00 (£72.00 online).
  • The Blackpool Tower Eye, The Blackpool Tower Circus & Jungle Jim’s: Adult (15+) £25.00 (£20.00 online), Child (3-14) £28.50 (£20.00 online) and Toddler (1-2) online price £8.95.
  • The Blackpool Big 7 Ticket: Adult £92.95 on-the-day (online £45.00), Child (3-14) £68.00 (online £32.50).

Blackpool Tower Circus

Marking the Endresz family’s 25th year at the helm of The Blackpool Tower Circus, Mooky and Mr. Boo delivered plenty of belly laughs with their hilarious slapstick antics and funny jokes. My boys have not stopped re-enacting their favourite parts from their routine (especially the BUMble Bee part! But also there were so many top class acts from all over the world, amazing death defying stunts that had us on the edge of our seats, and outstanding live music. This really is a show that I recommend you go see. We were there for 45 minutes before it started to get a third row seat (you can pay £5 with a Merlin pass to get a guaranteed seat & £5.95 for a VIP front row seat with drink & snack). The view was really good as the seats are staggered. They made a big deal about any birthdays or special occasions too. There was face painting complete with nose for only £2, as well as all manner of flashing items and circus paraphernalia on sale before it started and in the interval (as well as drinks and snacks).

Non Merlin Pass Prices:

  • Standard Seating: Adult (15+) £16.50 (£12.50 online), Child(3-14) £12.95 (£9.95 online) and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £52.00 (£40.00 online) and Toddler (under 3) – £5.95 online
  • Reserved (2nd row online only): Adult (15+) £16.95 , Child £13.95 and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £55.00 and Toddler (under 3) £13.95
  • VIP Ringside Seating with drink & snack (online only): Adult (15+) £19.95 , Child (3-14) £16.95 and Group of 4 (minimum 1 adult) £65.00 and Toddler (under 3) £16.95.

The Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Dating  back to 1894, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom was breath taking from the moment I stepped inside. Its unique sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture, couple with rows and rows of tables set up for a delicious afternoon tea. People were dancing away to the sounds of the famous Wurlitzer organ whilst we watched on from the balconies.Blackpool Tower Ballroom

Non Merlin Pass Admission Price: £2.95 per person.

Jungle Jim’s

This Lost City themed children’s play area was a lovely surprise to our visit – which the children enjoyed so much they went there twice during our stay. Children get to play during the one hour time slots on a fun range of slides, places to swing and climb, a ball pool and all manner of contraptions. Whilst adults get to enjoy a child out on the seating areas with tables – and even purchase a hot drink or cake, or an alcoholic beverage (with 20% off with a Merlin annual pass!).

Non Merlin Pass Admission Prices:

  • Adults (15+): 2 FREE adults with every child)
  • Child (3-up to 4ft 9): £6.50 (£5.00 online)
  • Toddler (under 90cm) online only price: £3.00

Blackpool Tower Dungeon

I think that if we had of paid my husband wouldn’t have let us go around (we have already done London at least a couple of times already!). They said that Blackpool wasn’t as scary as London but I thought it was (I jumped a couple of times) – and it felt a lot more “dark.” In fact the bits that were the same I think my youngest (aged only 6) found comforting. Of course being up North the audience participation just seemed even more embracing – especially when they asked if there were any Yorkshire folk about.

We experience the special “Wicked Women” show, which runs from 24th March to 8th May 2016.The unique experience welcomed three formidable females into the dungeon’s dark depths; and delved through 1,000 years of Lancashire’s murky past, accompanied by the loathsome ladies and terrifying special effects. There was the famous Pendle Witches, where anyone could be accused of witchcraft, and we heard the accused Alizon Device’s story in her own words. Blackpool Tower Dungeons Wicked women

Without a Merlin Pass it costs £10.50 for children or £13 for adults.

 Madame Tussauds Blackpool

The easiest way to get your photo taken with celebrities from the world of sport, television, comedy, music and even royalty is to head to Madame Tussauds. We had previously visited the London branch a few times and found it really busy, with not much chance of posing without someone getting in your shot. Luckily Blackpool was a lot quieter (although still very popular) and so we got a good few (hundred) photos. I liked how it was also different to London – with the “I’m a Celebrity” section and The Rovers Return. The new Festival Fields was also a lot of fun – especially if you want to use the toilet!

There were a lot of opportunities to get a family photo by the professional photographers too – may be a little too many, which I could imagine being an annoyance in very busy peak times! I did also feel that the wax works did not quite feel as accurate or realistic as the London ones, and so it did feel like a bit of a rejects place. Saying that they were still very impressive and it was nice to be able to get round in our own time. It was good that all the models had their names by them – as my boys had great fun discovering who everybody was.Ronnie Corbett Visit Blackpool with a Merlin Annual Pass

Prices online without a Merlin Pass are:

  • From £13 for an Adult (15+) ticket Online Saver
  • From £20 for a family ticket for Madame Tussauds Blackpool and 1 other attraction
  • From £45 for The Big Blackpool Ticket (Madame Tussauds Blackpool, SEA LIFE Blackpool, The Blackpool Tower Eye, Jungle Jims, The Blackpool Tower Circus, The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom and a FREE drink in the Madame Tussauds Blackpool’s Rovers Return.

SEA LIFE Blackpool

With over 2,000 amazing creatures, 10 themed zone, an Ocean Tunnel, Interactive Rockpool and the chance to go Snorkelling with Sharks (for an additional charge). Over the Easter holidays (2nd-17th April 2016) there is also Ancient Oceans fortnight to celebrate the new attraction Jurassic Seas (back to a time to discover the ancient pre-historic beasts that outlived the dinosaurs).

Children can look out for skeleton parts and earn themselves a Dinosaur Detective Certificate – my boys also got Sealife Pop Badges too, much to their delight. Plus if you are not a Merlin Pass Holder you will be pleased to know that SEA LIFE Blackpool is also offering £5 off for any children who bring their favourite dinosaur toy along with them!

Prices online without a Merlin Pass are:

  • From £10.50 Online Saver Ticket
  • From £16 for a SEA LIFE Blackpool and 1 other attraction Ticket
  • From just £25 for Shark Experiences (Snorkel, Shark Feeding, Shark Keeper and Sleep with Sharks)

Merlin Pirate Mini Golf

We were pleasantly surprised to discover that there was a Pirate Mini Golf as part of SEA LIFE Blackpool – and this again was covered by our Merlin Annual Passes. 12 family friendly holes around a Pirate theme – around cannons, sunken treasures, shipwrecks, rock tunnels and crows’ nests. Pencil and record sheets provided, a choice of coloured golf balls and adult and child sized putters. There’s even the opportunity to purchase the winner a medal!Visit Blackpool with a Merlin Annual Pass

Non Merlin Pass Holders Price £5.95 per player.

So as you can see our Merlin Annual Passes made quite a saving on our holiday to Blackpool! And I think if you are going to visit Blackpool it would be well worth looking into whether it is worth you getting one.

If you do get or have a Merlin Annual Pass you may want to visit Warwick Castle – My Boys Club have Top Tips for visiting

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  1. Oh what amazing value a Merlin pass offers! I’d love to get a family pass in the future. There are so many attractions included, I’d love to go more often to places that are relatively local like Warwick castle and Alton towers. It sounds like there’s even more going on in Blackpool!

  2. That covers soo many attractions. Well worth it if like you, you want to visit lots of places. Looks like lots of fun. We’re not that far away from blackpool, I’d look into a Merlin pass if we go that way. Great review #tots100

  3. Wow, I didn’t realise so many attractions in Blackpool were covered by the Merlin Passes, We’re planning a trip soon to use ours. I’m all excited now after reading your post xx


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