Monopoly Lifesized London: Good Things to Know #MonopolyLDN

Fans of Monopoly will be thrilled to learn that there’s yet another exciting version of the game. Playing Monopoly Lifesized means that you can actually be part of the game! But don’t worry about having to trawl the streets of London as luckily it is all in one building on Tottenham Court Road!

monopoly lifesized London

About Monopoly Lifesized London

Licensed by Hasbro, Monopoly Lifesized has all the characteristics you will have come to know and love about the game of Monopoly. As you make your way around one of the Monopoly Lifesized boards in your teams, buying up properties on the famous London streets.

With Mr Monopoly introducing the game, a chance to eat in the Top Hat Bar & Restaurant, and excellent theming throughout, any Monopoly fan will not be disappointed. Perfect for a special occasion, team building exercise or get together.

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What you Need to Know About Monopoly Lifesized

Booking and Before You Go

The below is information about booking your game of Monopoly Lifesized and things you may want to know before you go. You can book the Top Hat Restaurant for before or after your game, timings dependent. They say to arrive for the game 15 minutes early and that late comers will be denied. Our restaurant reservation time was before our game and we only had one option for that so it wasn’t an issue for us.

Different Monopoly Lifesized Boards

There are several different Monopoly Lifesized boards to play on – each giving a unique experience. Currently there is Classic, City and Luxury for adults, and Monopoly Junior if you want to play with children. We were told that a new one was coming soon.

The Strand on the Monopoly Lifesized City Board

It is hard to compare the boards because we have only played Monopoly City Lifesized – but do know that Mayfair wasn’t on the board because that is on the Luxury Monopoly. Also the Luxury board has a laser challenge, the City board has a dance challenge and it says that you can relive your favourite Monopoly memories on the Classic board.

Monopoly Lifesized Prices

Prices for Monopoly Lifesized begin at £49 per person, this increases depending on the time and the board (weekends and luxury both are more expensive for example). Although a bit pricey for a game of Monopoly it makes a nice treat. A lot of people had gone celebrating their birthdays – and of course we all sang to them!

Really I am unable to comment on boards I haven’t played but opted for City as was unsure it was worth paying the extra for the Luxury Monopoly board. It would be nice if there was some sort of discount for playing all the boards, or coming back again, as obviously each time you play you are going to get a different experience.

Monopoly Lifesized Teams

Monopoly Lifesized is played in teams. After you have decided on your date, time and board, you get to select which team everyone goes on from the available options.

Monopoly lifesized London jail

There are up to 6 people per team with a maximum of 4 teams per game. However, when we played we only had 3 teams and one was made up of 7 players. Interestingly everyone who played when we did opted to stay on the same team as everyone they know, as opposed to opting to play against each other.

In all honesty I did not feel that you really got to know what the other teams were doing much as it is all played at the same time. There is a way to see how they are doing but you are really too busy doing your own bits. Although we were with two other family groups and felt that there was a lot of team bonding. It was a lot of fun.

What to Wear for Monopoly Lifesized

On reading up it explains it a bit like an escape room, you want something comfortable that allows you to move around, and you don’t mind getting down on the floor in! Personally I would also add nothing that is too warm as I got quite hot.

How to Play Monopoly Lifesized

Before you go through the door you are told that you can no longer take any photographs until after the game. This is most likely so that people are not just on their phones all the time as once on the board nothing was restricted at the end.

monopoly lifesized london jail

About the Teams

You are put into your teams and you can get to know each other. Each team then has a real life playing piece which moves around the board. Spoiler alert this is an actual person and they help you to play too. These are selected for you – which was a tiny bit disappointing. Team names are decided by the teams themselves. This is also when we sang happy birthday to people.

Our team allowed the birthday person to have the first roll of the dice. This then allowed us to move around a normal sized board before we were taken to the Monopoly Lifesized board.

Monopoly lifesized spinning wheel

The Game Itself

Then it is mostly like a game of Monopoly. Moving around the giant board, buying property by completing challenges, building houses and hotels – whilst trying not to land on your opponents’ properties.

The game itself is 80 minutes long.

Verdict of Monopoly Lifesized City

We really enjoyed our Monopoly Lifesized experience on the City Board. The actors were fantastic. Not only did they make it fun but they also made it fair. It was lovely to meet new people and have a real laugh with them. Plus it was nice to feel that we all have different skills we could bring to the game. I even become a “roofer” for the evening.

My feelings towards the game

The City board felt very energetic! As previously said I got rather hot on it. The rules I am sure are fairly simple but I didn’t really get the whole community chest/chance thing. In saying that our playing piece made sure we knew what we had to do.

Monopoly lifesized London Pinkoddy

As a birthday treat I do not regret paying and going. We didn’t get to experience so much because of the way the dice fell (such as not going to prison) so it would be good to play again. It would be really good, as I have mentioned, if there was a discount for this. All in all the game was a great experience.

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