Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

Harvester has a new kids menu, so we went along to the Redgrove in Cheltenham to review just how good it is.Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

The Kids Menu at Harvester

The new Kids menu at Harvester offers a great range of meal options for children of all tastes and sizes:

Kids Meal Deal £5.99: A Smaller bite or Bigger Appetite Main; Unlimited Salad; A Sundae Best or Tutti Fruitti Salad; and a Glass or Squash or Milk.

Smaller Bites Dishes (recommended for the under 5s): Chicken Strips, Fish Goujons, New Mini Sausage Whirl, Vegetarian Sausage (soya and leek with reduced salt gravy), New Simply Pasta and New Omelette.

Bigger Bites Meals (5-10 years): New Macaroni Cheese (with broccoli, peas and sweetcorn), Fish Goujons, Southern Fried Chicken Bites, New Vegetable Skewers (grilled red onion and sweet potato – like the Starter on the adult menu), New Omelette, Build Your Own Chicken Burger* and Build Your Own Beef Burger.*Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

* Both Burgers had extra toppings of Grated Cheese, tomato salsa, diced pineapple or guacamole for an extra 49p.

Harvester Recommends: New Can Do Chicken, New Mini Sausage Whirls, Vegetarian Sausage (chargrilled and brushed with BBQ sauce: Served with a grilled Braeburn apple), New Harvester’s Famous Ribs, New 40z Rump Steak, Build Your Own Chicken Wrap, Grilled Chicken Breast and Grilled Salmon.

Harvester seemed to be aware of the importance of healthy eating. The kids meals come with either 2 portions of vegetables or a side and a portion of vegetables.  Nutritional information was available and we were advised that the bacon had a high salt content when ordering.

Vegetables: Garden Peas, Baked Beans, Green Beans, Fresh Vegetable Batons and Corn on the Cob.Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

Sides: Sweet Potatoes Fries, Baked Potato, New Cheese & Tomato Rice, Mash Potato and Fries.

Heinz Baby Jars are also available.

Desserts: Build Your Own Chocolate Cookie Pizza, Yummy Lolly, Banana Custard Face, FruityPot Jelly, Tutti Fruitti Salad and Strawberry Yoghurt (served with Fresh Strawberries).Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

Sundaes: Rocky Horror Sundae, Sundae Best and Build Your Own Sundae.

The Salad Bar at Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham

Harvester has a free unlimited salad bar with every main meal. The salad bar is refreshed and refilled throughout the day to ensure it reaches the highest standards. It is great for kids as it means that they can eat straightaway and have what they fancy – and you can determine as much as little as you wish. It is also a great way to try to encourage them to eat new (healthy) things.

The Salad Bar at Redgrove Harvester was clean, inviting and well-stocked. There was a good variety of vegetarian products all clearly labelled. I was impressed with the fact that each of the dressings also had the calories per ladle next to them too.Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

Salad Bar Contents: Lettuce, carrot (grated), red onion, pineapple, tomato, seasonal salad (lettuce), potato salad, pasta, cucumber, beetroot, sweetcorn, coleslaw, seasonal salad (grated carrot), mixed peppers, white bread rolls, brown bread rolls, butter, margarine, and all manner of  things to give the salad a crunch like crutons.

Dressings: Caesar (214kcal per ladle), Blue Cheese (196 kcal per ladle), Low Fat Dressing (29 kcal per ladle), Honey & Mustard (71 kcal per ladle), Thousand Island (168 kcal per ladle), and Red Devil (121 kcal per ladle).

Our Experience of the Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham

We had a very pleasant experience of the Redgrove Harvester Chelteham. Our kids were made to feel like valued customers during our trip: They were immediately fetched activity packs – which they were delighted not only included the usual colouring in, puzzles and crayons but a packet to grow their very own sunflower. There was plenty of room for the children to spread about and colour in their big sheets, in fact I have heard of the main benefits of sitting together as a family and colouring in – so that is what we did.Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

The food was the perfect temperature, well presented and the right size for the children (who could also eat from the unlimited salad bar). Our server, Nickey, was attentive and aware of our children’s possible needs (for example my youngest asked for macaroni cheese but she immediately was aware that he may not eat it because it contained the vegetables mixed in with it so warned him – he then changed his meal choice).

Of course everyone had a great experience, not just the children and we would certainly recommend the Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham to friends and family. We at no point felt rushed, our plates were cleared away in good time and everything was explained in a clear and concise manner. Inquiries were made throughout to ensure that our meal time was an enjoyable one, but not so much so that it was annoying.  Redgrove Harvester Cheltenham New Kids Menu

Other things to note are that I do not usually use the internet during meals but on this occasion did test the free WiFi and can vouch for the fact that it was indeed very good; the toilets were clean and that we were explained about the drinks refill station – which was also clean and at a good level for the children to help themselves. Everything (toilets/drinks/salad bar) was in view from our table, meaning that the children could use them independently.

Redgrove Harvester

Hatherley Lane


GL51 6TA

01242 220020


Our meal and drinks were complimentary in return for an honest review: All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Oh I really like the sound of the new children’s menu. We enjoy eating at harvester anyway, the salad bar is a great idea. My children would probably eat from the larger menu although they are little. They have huge appetites. They’d also love the macaroni cheese with broccoli. I like the fact that there are healthy options on the children’s menu, it’s so often just chicken nuggets and chips. We often order them a starter from the adult menu instead.


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