Planning the Perfect Sleepover for Teenage Boys*

Can you believe that by this time next week we will have two teenagers! In some ways teenagers are actually easier as they sometimes know exactly what it is that they want. Take parties for example – they are now far too old for a disco in a hall with sandwiches and sausage rolls. All our son wants for his thirteen birthday is a trip to a theme park with his friends and a sleepover.

*I say for boys as I honestly have no idea if this is what girls would like, and I am sure that not all boys would like this too – but most would in my limited experience.

Planning the perfect sleepover for teenage boys*

Who is Invited to the teenage sleepover

Think about the numbers of friends you are inviting over. Do you know them/their parents? Are they fussy eaters/vegetarian/have any allergies? I would say do they sleep – but let’s be honest a sleep over very rarely includes any sleep! I am working on the premise this party is just for boys – but if you are having a mixed sex party there may be lots of other things you may want to consider. Also if they are having alcohol. I am talking about a party for a 13 year old so this is not an issue, but it may be something you need to think about.Planning the Perfect Sleepover for Teenage Boys*

Where to sleep

Okay so they are most unlikely to do much sleeping – but they should still all have a place to sleep. If you do want them in bed by a certain time make sure you put in clear rules with your teen before anyone is even invited – and then give them some leeway on that time.

What Entertainment will you have for your sleepover?

For my boy there the main thing he will want to do with his friends is go on computer games. Things to then think about are which games consoles do the friends have? Are they bringing any portable handhelds with them – or any chargers, games, headsets, etc. Make sure you have enough controllers (and that they are charged) – and that the games are suitable for multiple players, or that there is a fair system of turn taking put in place (again if you wish to discuss this do it before the sleepover).Planning the Perfect Sleepover for Teenage Boys*

Depending on how long the guests are staying you may wish to ensure there is some other activity that gets them away from screens for a bit. We have a 14ft trampoline which generally does the trick. If it is hot why not arrange a water fight.

Teenage Sleepover Food

Food is a must for teenagers. Ensure that they have something they can easily eat (without having to spend too much (if any) time away from their game! Again if you want rules about stopping to eat/not eating in bedrooms it is best to discuss this with your teen before the sleepover – they may not usually do it but their friends might! Pizza is perfect for this and there is such a great range to cover most people’s tastes.

Chicago Town

We were offered to try some of the seven epic new flavours launched by Chicago Town Pizza to help celebrate our son’s birthday. The range includes Limited Edition The Takeaway Pulled Beef Brisket, The Takeaway American Hot, The Takeaway Four Cheese, The Takeaway Cajun Chicken, Deep Dish Meatball Melt, Deep Dish Mega Meaty and Pizza Melt BBQ Chicken.

Our thoughts on Chicago Town new flavours

The pizzas were a big hit and just like buying from the takeaway – but at a much cheaper price!

The Deep Dish Mega Meaty were very tasty and the perfect size if you wish to dish up one pizza per person – rather than a free-for-all – ensuring that everyone gets to eat. As you can see it was generously topped and full of good meaty flavour.Planning the Perfect Sleepover for Teenage Boys*

The Takeaway Four Cheese was perfect for our son with special needs who does not like trying new foods. Its tomato sauce stuffed crust was a huge hit and everyone enjoyed it. This is a perfect pizza to get as a safe option (who doesn’t like cheese pizza!) and in case you have any vegetarians.stuffed crust cheese piza

The Takeaway American Hot was too hot for me, but perfect for the boys. I love the macho side of them that comes out seeing who can eat the hottest, spiciest food without being bothered – this pizza was certainly good for that! (and great for getting them to drink more water!!!) Just perfect for that teen sleepover!Planning the Perfect Sleepover for Teenage Boys*

Overall all the pizzas were exceedingly delicious, quick and easy to cook from frozen (making them very convenient), a great price and perfect for a sleepover (or any other party). They had a high quality taste that I would only usually expect to find by ordering from a takeaway and would definitely recommend them.


This is a sponsored post. All words and opinions are honest and my own.


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