Simple Recipe Chocolate cakes

You may notice that I like making cakes with my children.

It is a very simple recipe that even my 2 year old is able to get involved in, and a slight variation can make it seem less dull.

I believe making them together has all manner of benefits for my children – bonding, counting, economics, weighing, self-confidence building – to name a few.

First put on an apron


Gather up your ingredients

Then your equipment

weigh and mix ingredients


We used:

8oz self raising flour

8 oz of butter

5 eggs

60z castor sugar

one teaspoon of baking powder

Heap of chocolate drinking powder


Count out the cake cases and put in the mixture


Whilst they are cooking the most important part licking the spoon and bowl 20111205-190254.jpg

Cook for 15-20mins at approx 180 degrees in a fan oven

I do them until they smell cooked.


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