Halloween Cakes & Other Spider Creations

Spider cakes @pinkoddy

I love this time of year, me and the boys we get a lot more creative. The boys really enjoyed making spiders so we extended this theme to cakes. The boys love Sweet crafts – even more so as they don’t get regularly given sweets. I simply cut up some blackcurrant laces, cut jelly beans in … Read more

Minecraft Cakes

Minecraft cakes @pinkoddy

We really did have a busy summer, so much so that I’d promised my 5 year old that we would make cakes. He asked and asked and asked, because our days were so full and they were already going to bed quiet late. But one evening he got his wish (and ended up in bed … Read more

Chocolate Easter Egg Cakes

 The problem with these cakes is they were so delicious we wanted to keep eating them!  We always use the all-in-one or I like to call it throw in the bowl mix. 3 eggs, 6oz butter, 4oz castor sugar, 6oz of flour, pinch of baking powder Then to make them chocolate just throw in some drinking chocolate and whisk … Read more

Party Time

So our little boy turned 3 last month. He doesn’t say a lot but one day he uttered the words “Party!” Unfortunately it was too late in the day to get the hall for his birthday and the absolute only time it wasn’t booked up was the Saturday of the Bank Holiday weekend. All he … Read more

Simple Recipe Chocolate cakes

You may notice that I like making cakes with my children. It is a very simple recipe that even my 2 year old is able to get involved in, and a slight variation can make it seem less dull. I believe making them together has all manner of benefits for my children – bonding, counting, … Read more