Decluttering Toys Ultimate Guide

the word toys surrounded by lots of toy dinosaurs

This is an endorsed partnered post. Has it been a while since you last saw the living room floor for toys? It’s remarkable how one day you can tidy the whole house and the next day it can look like a tornado travelled straight through it overnight. Sometimes you could be tricked into thinking that … Read more

Playing Together this Christmas

television screen of Playstation Frantics and people opposite playing

Christmas is a time for being together, a time for family, a time to show each other appreciation: Quality not quantity. We know this but somehow we tend to get sucked up into the commercialism of it all. This year we vowed to make it more about family time but wasn’t sure how to do … Read more

3 Simple Ways To Stay Healthy This Christmas

biscuits on a festive tray

This is an endorsed partnered post. Temptation lurks around every corner the moment December hits. The radio becomes full of Slade one hit wonders, Shakin’ Stevens is regaling you about how the snow is falling all around him, and John Lennon is telling you optimistically that war is over once again. Mince pies are springing … Read more

Everyone should have Someone at Christmas

talking to the homeless

Christmas is a time for families to come together, getting excited about buying presents, putting up the Christmas tree and planning the Christmas dinner. But for thousands of young people it is a time filled with loneliness; with an estimated 18,000 young people at risk of homelessness this Christmas. Loneliness during Christmas time for the … Read more

Zero Waste Christmas

Zero Waste Christmas second hand cup, teddy, crackers and star all wrapped up

There are 3 main reasons to strive for a Zero Waste Christmas: Reduce what is going to landfill Stop rubbish affecting wildlife and Because people cannot afford to keep spending things they do not need Ways to Achieve Zero Waste this Christmas Cut back on your food waste Christmas is often seen as the time … Read more

How to Make the Build Up to Christmas Easy

how to make the build up to christmas easy

Advent is officially the time to panic about Christmas because up until then people just keep on saying, “Well it isn’t even December yet!” If you have listened to them then you will realise that actually there isn’t a lot of time in those 24 days – when you factor in the Christmas Cards, Christmas … Read more

Christmas Wishlist Craft

christmas wishlist craft

Now that Halloween is out of the way, dare I say it is time to think about Christmas! What better way to get children even more excited (like they need encouragement) than by getting some Christmas Craft on. These do not have to be long and complicated – but something simple that they can do … Read more

Christmas Around the World

When my youngest two boys broke up from school they came home with homework to do over the holidays! Before we start to think about how mean that is it was actually a lot of fun Christmas stuff we would already be getting up to (well apart from the handwriting practice as the cards were … Read more