Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

Gift Guide for Pokémon Fans

With the huge success of Pokémon Go this year I figured that there may be a whole load of new parents looking for Pokémon Christmas Gift inspiration. With Pokémon celebrating its 20th year this time it should be easier than ever but being as my boys have been fans for a while I thought I … Read more

Playstation Bringing People Together

Playstation bringing people together

I think that in this digital age especially it is good for children to get to grips with technology. In some areas I think the kids know more than the parents – I know I for one have to ask my children how to turn the television over, or which remote I actually need to … Read more

Happy Christmas For Less

Christmas Presents under the tree by Andrew Neel

Christmas is celebrated worldwide and majorly it is enjoyed by the kids. There is so much advertising aimed at children that sometimes they may be oblivious to the costs and/or the fact that sometimes things are tight and you may not afford the gifts they want. To avoid letting them down you can plan in advance to … Read more

Making Christmas Easier

Making Christmas Easier

There is no denying it that Christmas can be a terribly stressful time of year. The pressure seems to start earlier and earlier these days and there just seems to be a lot of demands. I thought I would share with you some of the ways I make Christmas easier and I also asked some … Read more

Asda Christmas 2015 Hamper #Giveaway

Asda Christmas 2015

Christmas is different in every household because no 2 families are the same. It may start with who buys the presents – does Father Christmas get them all, just some stocking fillers, or does he just do the deliveries? Then when can you open presents – is as soon as Father Christmas has been okay? … Read more