Christmas Around the World

When my youngest two boys broke up from school they came home with homework to do over the holidays! Before we start to think about how mean that is it was actually a lot of fun Christmas stuff we would already be getting up to (well apart from the handwriting practice as the cards were already written!). They had a list of things to do and had to try to tick off as many as possible. The list included; writing a letter to Father Christmas, making Christmas decorations, having a dance party with festive songs, watching a Christmas movie, making a Christmas tree out of LEGO, making a bird feeder, a snow-globe and a Christmas cake/biscuits.Christmas Biscuits

But the idea on the list I really liked was: Can you find out about Christmas in another country? How does it differ to Christmas in yours?

As luck would have it I was offered the opportunity to share an infographic with my readers of just that nature! I like how colourful it is, and simple to read (I don’t want them getting bored). It may spur on their interests to find out more – but is good as a stand alone piece.

It covers:

  • About Christmas traditions in different countries
  • How to say Merry Christmas in different languages
  • About different cultures’ idea of ‘Santa Claus’

Can you see differences on there from where you live?christmas around the worldInforgraphic provided by Bright Horizons day care in London

2 thoughts on “Christmas Around the World”

  1. This is brilliant. I particularly love the crazy roller skates tradition in Venezuela. Having been there it doesn’t surprise me at all that they do something like that, it’s such a fabulous, positive, upbeat place.

  2. haha, this is absolutely brilliant and lovely !!! It’s funny that I have never spread my definition of Christmas this far to see how interesting this going to get !!!
    Nice idea, and really helpful and inspiring information


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