Useful Christmas Gifts for Mums Who Swim That They’ll Love

It is no wonder that there are quite a few mums who swim as it is a good form of exercise , which also puts less pressure on the joints. With more and more people taking up wild and cold water swimming too.

mums who swim gift guide

When it comes to swimming you do not need anything at all – yes swimming costumes are also optional! Just obviously you won’t be welcome at peak time at the local pools! However, there are lots of ideas for Christmas Gifts for Mums who swim but it will depend on where they are on their journey and what kind of swimmer they are.

Some of the following items have been Gifted to me but are stated as such.

Mums who Swim but Are New to the Sport

Swimming Costume

Mums who are new to swimming may need either a new or even first swimming costume. Even experienced mums who swim may appreciate a new one too. However, chances are they have a favourite already.

Make sure that you do know her correct size and preferences though. For instance I only like the swimming costumes that cover the tops of my legs. My favourite has a clip at the back making it easier to get off when I am cold – as long as my hands are warm enough to unclip it! Mine was gifted from Halocline Swimwear.

Pinkoddy wearing halocline swimming costume

Poncho Towel

Obviously swimmers will need a towel to dry themselves off and keep warm when they get out of the water. But we really love our Poncho Towels for just popping over our heads and not having to use our hands.

Wet Bag

Whilst any old carrier bag will do to throw the bits and bobs in, a nice wet bag really does make a good gift for a swimmer. Whether that is a netted one for all the swimming equipment, or a waterproof one to keep everything dry – or even both!

Sports watch

A sports watch is obviously not an essential but it is good to have something that keeps track of your swimming without having to think about it. This could be how far or how fast. Some pools offer things that track this for you, but having your own is nicer. Which one you go for will depend on where and how you are swimming.

mums who swim may like a sports watch as a Christmas gift

Waterproof Ear phones and Sounds System

Swimming for a length of time on their own may get boring. Although mums who swim will most likely have plenty to think about a distraction from all that might be nice!

Therefore, a nice gift would be some waterproof ear phones and a sounds system. Personally I haven’t tried this yet so have no insight into which are good ones. Think about how practical they are in terms of wearing them whilst they swim, as well as the sound quality.

Gifts for Mums who Swim in the Pool

Mums who swim in the pool may like different gifts to wild swimmers, although there’s obviously going to be some overlap.

Hair Care for Mums Who Swim

Those mums who swim in a pool are going to come into contact with chlorine a lot and therefore damage their hair more. You can obviously get special shampoo for this but a chlorine removal set would make it look like a lovely gift idea.


There is a variety of equipment you can get to help improve your swimming. Things I can think of are from when our son swam with swimming club which included a snorkel, fins, hand paddles, floats and obviously goggles. Again in a nice net bag to let all the water run out is good.

On a post for gifts for competitive swimmers I also saw there are things called Dragsox which amongst other things help develop your power and kick

Gifts for Mums Who Swim Wild or Are Cold Water Swimmers

Wild and Cold Water Swimming is definitely on the increase. Probably a combination of the result of covid-19 and promotions by Wim Hof. But also more people are becoming aware of the positive effects of cold water – especially for those in perimenopause.

cold water therapy bath in the snow

Here are some things I personally think make good gifts for Wild and Cold Water Swimmers

Poncho towel

I know I already covered this in the new swimmers section, but when getting changed outdoors these are more desirable than ever.


Again these are great to get changed under without people seeing. They are also a quick way to feel warmer quicker when you get out of the water.

Now here’s the thing, there’s lots of different makes out there. Even with the dryrobe® itself there’s a variety of sizing options. Personally I have a dryrobe® after I had a swim where the ice needed breaking before we got in. My husband decided that actually the investment was worth it!

mums who swim wear a dryrobe at the lake

He wasn’t wrong as I wear it a lot. In fact even though I bought it for cold water swimming I use it when I go to the pool! Not only that but if it is raining really hard we like to go out for walks, and again I will pop on my dryrobe® and stay completely dry. Note sometimes I like to get wet in the rain too but that’s a whole another post!

Not everyone is convinced on this brand and many prefer alternatives – do your research. Think about what it is needed for. Again I opted for the dryrobe® brand because it sounded like it would cope best with the coldest of temperatures. Maybe your mum isn’t that crazy, or yet anyway!

Tow float

If the mums who swim are already wild swimming then chances are they already have a tow float. However, maybe it is just one that blows up and you’d like to treat her to one where she can keep her belongings inside. Or maybe an extra one because she can’t clean and dry hers quick enough to go swimming again.

mums who swim wild should have a tow float

Waterproof Case

Tow floats are really good but they may like a waterproof case to keep their phone and/or keys in for that extra level of security. Or as an extra for easy access so that they do not need to stash them in their tow floats.

Swim shoes

They may want some swim shoes to protect their feet in the water. But also something like a good pair of Crocs to slip their feet into easily when they get out are a good idea. I mean I love my Crocs and wear them for all sorts of things. You can honestly not have too many pairs!


It is good to at least have an idea of the temperature of the water is. There are all kinds with varying degrees of accuracy. They might just want a novelty duck one however!

Changing mat

A changing mat can make a great gift because the floor can often be so very cold and/or dirty. In fact some of them even double as bags!

Seasonal Pass

It may be that there isn’t anywhere safe for them to wild swim over the colder winter months. What nicer gift than a seasonal pass to a lifeguarded lake or cold water lido?

swim membership

Mums Who Swim in the Dark

If they intend to swim in the early or late hours in winter they may need to be able to see. Some good lighting or glow sticks are a great idea. Make sure the lights can be seen. Then decide whether they are rechargeable – and how. I have a solar powered Octopus light that changes colour.

Gifts for Mums Who Swim and Need Extra Warmth After Swimming

Now this section will again be down to the individual. You will find that some will want full wetsuits; some just some neoprene (including a vest and/or gloves/socks) and others swim in just a costume and just require the warmth for when they get out!


Either way a nice warm hat is great for swimming. Whether that’s in the water because it is so cold, or for when they get out. There’s such a great range out there but I do love my Big Bobble Hat that I was gifted at RunFestRun.

Fleece Onesie

After cold swimming I like to get straight into a fleece Onesie. In fact I wear it to get to wherever I am swimming over my costume too. For me it just makes it so much easier to get changed (without flashing everywhere too) and keeps me warm again quickly.

The Oodie

If you haven’t already got one I would definitely think that The Oodie would make an amazing gift. I throw mine on over my onesie! In actual fact I personally have three! Each of my boys and husband have one too. The boys especially live in them – all year round!

penguin Oodie - perfect for after a cold swim

Hot drinks flask

A hot drink is great for warming up after a swim. A reliable one that doesn’t leak is essential. Again I am really happy with my pink ION8 Cafestor Leakproof Thermal Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle that I was gifted.

Hot water bottle

There’s different schools of thought on how to warm up after cold water swimming but I do love my Eeyore hot water bottle that my husband bought me. Besides it also doubles up as pain relief during certain times of the month.

Other Gift Ideas for Mums Who Swim

Wim Hof Book

Personally I didn’t rate the book but was interested in the hype. Actually I haven’t got to the end. Maybe find out how the gift receiver feels about him and his methods, and whether they would be interested in hearing his story. Or maybe there are other swimming books people recommend.

Alternatively you could get them a Gift Card for somewhere like Decathlon so they can pick their own swim stuff.

Can you think of any other good gift ideas for Mums Who Swim?

This post was inspired by Christmas Gifts for Mums Who Run

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  1. There’s someone I know who I will be buying a present for who swims and I was a bit stumped to what to get them. These are brilliant ideas especially the poncho towel or chlorine removal set. x


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