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Hands up I think I have been one of the lucky ones during this pandemic. It has given me a lot more time – both to reflect and in actual time to do what it is I want to do. As a consequence I have spent a lot more time dedicated to running and swimming. I am not good at being consistent and fit it in around my family and my mood. It was around Christmas time that I discovered that I had actually lost weight. My running shorts were suddenly too big. In fact I had to tie a knot in them to stop them falling down!

Replacing Swimwear

Changing size isn’t the only reason to replace clothing though. For me my swimwear had become really old and faded. This is not very flattering when posting on social media (or someone else decides to put me on, as I have had happen). More importantly than what I look like is, was it still doing its job? I remember only too well my husband’s trunks coming apart on a holiday in Holland! My costume being faded also means I am less likely to be seen when cold water swimming. Also I like to have more than one costume so that I can regularly wash them and reduce the risk of spreading things from one water source to another.

Or perhaps you are planning a much needed holiday and fancy new swim attire for the beach and/or the pool.

Halocline Swimwear

When Halocline Swimwear got in touch I have to admit I was sceptical that they would stock the kind of costume I wear. I’m really particular and there’s no way I was getting something that showed off my bikini line. If I was lucky, I thought that they may stock one costume with like shorts built into the costume. But I was wrong.

Halocline Swimwear do a whole range of swimwear and accessories. To my delight they had a range of costume in the style I like. I selected 3 different designs and a towel robe. Unfortunately my weight loss was not great enough that I could drop a size, but returns were easily made.

Abstract Kneesuit

First I opted for the chlorine proof Halocline Abstract Kneesuit. I Supportive in all the right places but with an open back. It features a lined inbuilt shelf bra – offering extra support, but also extra insulation for those cold swims!

Halocline swimwear with long legs

The Abstract Kneesuit is made from a quick-drying fabric and UV 50+ rated materials. It is resistant to sun cream and oils. Thus making it perfect for regular out-door swims!

I had two of these – one in black and blue (available in sizes 8-28), the other in a stylish celestial print (offered in sizes 8-24). Priced at £39.99 each.

Sport Mid Length Clipback Legsuit

I also selected the Halocline Women’s Sport Mid length Clipback legsuit. First because it’s yellow and blue and very bright, making me more seen in the water. But also I wondered if the clipback would make me feel more supported but also be easier to change afterwards.

Halocline clip back swimwear - extra support for the bust and easier to take off

This costume is also chlorine-proof, made from premium Italian fabric. Again fast drying and of course also has the leg coverage. There is light support all over and with a bust lining.

Again with UV 50+ Protection, and is sun cream and oil resistant. Priced at £38. Also available in sizes 8-28.

Halocline Adult Towel Robe in Royal Blue

The Halocline Adult Towel Robe is a game changer. Perfect for our teens swimming lessons as he can just wear it before and after his lesson and jump into the car. There are currently no changing rooms. Also perfect for me when I go wild swimming, as again obviously there are no changing facilities. Or even on the beach!

Halocline hooded poncho towel robe in blue

Also available in fuchsia priced at £32, this unisex luxurious hooded poncho towel is easy to take on and off, roomy, comfortable, super soft and machine washable.

Verdict of Halocline Swimwear

I have been very happy with every aspect of Halocline Swimwear. Obviously I can’t comment on the ordering process as I went through the PR, who dealt with re-issuing me the correct size too. However, I did use the normal returns process which was really easy. I am happy with the quality, feel and fit of the products and recommend the brand. The swimwear products do also dry quickly, as they say they do. Great for regular swimmers.

I am happy to be able to offer my readers the 10% off Halocline Swimwear Code PINKODDY10.

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