The Quest for the Perfect Running Shoes

I have struggled to replace my running shoes for ages. I know it has been well over a year. The problem is I fell in love with Vivobarefoot trail shoes (disclaimer I have previously worked with them) but I have worn two pairs completely out. To the point when they actually had to go into … Read more

The Week Running up to the Half Marathon

taping foot for plantar fasciitis

The week running up to my first half marathon was one of many mixed emotions. The pain from Plantar Fasciitis was so constantly niggly and at times totally unbearable that it was draining me and making me really tired. I wasn’t sure whether I was even able to walk the Half Marathon. I had a … Read more

Guide to Parkrun Tourism Stats and Challenges

Parkrun Stats are currently a bit of a contentious issue with parkrun HQ recently removing a fair few of them. This was the catalyst for the Parkrun Numbers Count (PNC) to form. This post isn’t to address the issues at all but to talk about the expansion of the PNC forms. It also explains some … Read more

Kingsway parkrun Information From Jeffing the Summer Course

Kingsway parkrun is one of two parkruns in Gloucestershire that begin with the letter K. I am actually surprised that they are both relatively small in numbers. However, there are 15 parkruns starting with the letter K in the UK. Either that or that there isn’t really as many letter chasers as perceived! Kingsway Sports … Read more