Christmas Fudge Ideas and Inspiration

Cooking is something the boys have always enjoyed doing with me. As they have got older they don’t do it as much but they definitely show more interest at this time of year. With the increase of seeing recipes on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok we get more easily inspired too. The Christmas Fudge ideas were inspired by AmyTreasure.

Christmas Fudge red, white and green with holly on top

Basic Christmas Fudge

Basically to make Christmas Fudge you just have to make fudge and then do something that makes it festive! Making fudge really is as simple as melting chocolate with condensed milk and then letting it set. That is it! You can do this on the hob, by using a microwave or in the slow cooker!

You will need one can of condensed milk (shop’s brand is fine) and at least 500g of chocolate. Again I just buy the store’s own 30p for 100g bars. You will note that Amy also uses butter!

The fudge will need to set in the fridge for around 4 hours. Don’t set it until you have read/done the below if you wish to make it Christmas fudge!

Making your Christmas Fudge have that Festive Feel

Next make your fudge festive by playing around with colours, flavours and textures that will help make you think of Christmas.

Changing the Colour of the Chocolate

If you want to change the colour then use white chocolate. You will see it is exactly the same as the Halloween Witches’ Brew fudge but by changing the colours to something seasonal such as red and green to make it more festive.

Changing the Flavour of the Chocolate

If you are changing the flavour then you may want to utilise flavoured chocolate. An example of this is by using a chocolate orange or mint chocolate. Mint again adds the green colouring that is associated with Christmas. We used mint aero but for flavouring you could use store’s own mint chocolate, or mint flavouring.

Mint chocolate fudge

Christmas Fudge Textures

Give your Christmas fudge some textures associated with the season. This can be inside the fudge mix or just decorated on the top.

Decorating the Top of the Fudge

Decorations can go with the flavouring if you have changed that – such as orange pieces or mint balls. Maybe some festive coloured Haribos or other sweets, as well as festive coloured sugar sprinkles/strands.

christmas fudge chocolate orange

Alternatively you can decorate them to look like different shapes – such as putting a face on and stacking them together to build a snowman, or a reindeer – by sticking the ears out and putting on eyes and nose.

Adding Texture Inside the Christmas Fudge

If you want to add texture to the bite of your Christmas fudge then you could play about with the type of biscuit you mix in. I have yet to try gingerbread as the boys do not think it will work! Definitely something I might get around to trying – let me know if you have!

Other ideas include adding marshmallows. Cherries or cranberries are also a nice idea – as they also give that red colouring associated with Christmas. A great contrast with white fudge.

Christmas Fudge Shapes

Finally of course you can change the fudge shape – they don’t have to be squares. This will depend on which cutters you have small enough, or how good you are at cutting out the shapes.

Have you made Christmas fudge? Which is your favourite? Is there anything you feel has worked really well? Or anything that hasn’t?

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Haribo Christmas Gingerbread Train

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