Christmas Biscuits

Christmas is such a wonderful magical time of year and I really love to embrace it. But it can also be really full on and busy, so sometimes I like to find my boys something to do that occupies their time in a Christmassy fashion that requires no supervision. I had seen an image on the internet somewhere of some biscuits that simply utilised the colours red, green and white. From this I was completely inspired for my boys to decorate their own Christmas biscuits. This is also good for fine motor skills development.
Christmas Biscuits

Christmas Biscuits Ingredients

  • Biscuits – you can make your own if you wish, but I just grabbed a couple of packets of Morrisons Rich Tea.
  • Frosting – or something to secure the topping to the biscuit (chocolate would also work very well).
  • Topping in Christmas colours (I opted for M&Ms, which Morrisons happened to have on offer.Christmas Biscuits

Method for Making Christmas Biscuits

  • Sort the toppings out so you have your required colours.
  • Spread the frosting on the top of the biscuit.
  • Add the topping for your patter.
  • Eat.
    Christmas Biscuits

Things to Consider when letting children make Christmas Biscuits Unsupervised

  • Consider how well they will share. I let them have the same topping but a spoon each for the frosting.
  • Provide much more than they can possibly need. Unless your children are super good, then chances are they will eat as they go along.
  • Praise their efforts equally.Christmas Biscuits

4 thoughts on “Christmas Biscuits”

  1. Really good idea to decorate pre-made biscuits. Cuts out all the weighing and cooling etc which doesn’t go well with small children!

  2. Sat here with my daughter and she said ‘wow he did a good job!’ looks like such a nice activity for the weekend. We have some biccies will have to pop and get those M&M’s. 🙂


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