Christmas Tree Decorations

I made these Christmas Tree Decorations with my two youngest children and I would say that they are almost mess free, suitable for toddlers and really allow the imagination to be utilised. A great way to get into the Christmas spirit and build their excitement for the big day itself. All the materials were from things we already had. A very green project and a great way to encourage reuse/recycling.

Materials needed for Christmas Tree Decorations

These are the materials that we used to make our Christmas Tree Decorations. They are what we had in the house. Some were to either destined to be recycled, or worse still landfill. Obviously you do not need to use exactly what we did, and I would urge you to also look at what you can save from landfill. This is just to give you an idea really.

  • Screwball ice-cream containers (empty and washed – what an excuse to eat ice-cream!)
  • Crete paper – or any other paper, fabric or material in as many shades of green as you wish.
  • Tree decorating materials (tape, stickers, pom-poms, glitter, etc)
  • Decoration hanger (can be cotton, string, etc)
  • Glue
  • Tape.

Making Christmas Tree Decorations

  1. Simply glue the paper to the cone. I found using small amounts worked best, and overlapping slightly, using different shades for added texture.Christmas Tree Decorations
  2. Put on a “topper” – we used stars.Christmas Tree Decorations
  3. Apply what will be the “tinsel.” Maybe you even have some old tinsel that’s fit for the bin that you could use.Christmas Tree Decorations
  4. Add your tree decorations.Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas Tree Decorations
  5. Attach something to hang it on the tree. We used the tags that you attach to presents. Other ideas are bits of string, or ribbon, or even some cotton.

You can then make several to go all around the tree. Maybe you would like them as similar as possible, or quite the opposite with all different designs. A grandparent may even appreciate one as a present – if your child/dren are young enough of course.

If you are more into ice lollies than Screwballs you may be interested in Christmas Crafts with Recycled Lollipop sticks. Or you may be interested in taking your recycling further and making a Nativity Scene from Toilet Roll Holders. Or why not See Other Recycled Christmas Crafts ideas from other bloggers.

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