Christmas Tree Decorations

I made these Christmas Tree Decorations with my two youngest children and I would say that they are almost mess free, suitable for toddlers and really allow the imagination to be utilised.

Materials needed for a Christmas Tree Decoration

  • Screwball ice-cream containers (empty and washed – what an excuse to eat ice-cream!)
  • Crete paper – or any other paper, fabric or material in as many shades of green as you wish.
  • Tree decorating materials (tape, stickers, pom-poms, glitter, etc)
  • Decoration hanger (can be cotton, string, etc)
  • Glue
  • Tape.

Making a Christmas Tree Decoration

  1. Simply glue the paper to the cone. I found using small amounts worked best, and overlapping slightly, using different shades for added texture.Christmas Tree Decorations
  2. Put on a “topper” – we used stars.Christmas Tree Decorations
  3. Apply what will be the “tinsel”Christmas Tree Decorations
  4. Add your tree decorations.Christmas Tree DecorationsChristmas Tree Decorations
  5. Attach something to hang it on the tree.


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